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  • A dedicated Cover letter builder
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The variety of resources that offer resume-building services online is immense. Zety.com is among the most popular services. You’ll see this name on the top of Google results. However, it can be because of efficient SEO and marketing efforts. Is Zety resume service so helpful? 

Many users refer to numerous Zety reviews to make the decision. Some of them are happy, others feel disappointed. That’s why we decided to examine this resource ourselves. Here is our new Zety review. 

A Brief Service Review

The Zety resume builder is an online resource. It helps you compose resumes, CVs, and cover letters independently. It is a service with standard features that use predefined templates. Its primary advantage is the simplicity of use. All you need to do is to fill in the fields of the dedicated form. Then, you choose the template, and Zety generates the resume for you. 

A question is Zety legit is also standard. Users always worry about the services where they provide some personal information. You should not worry about that. Zety is a legit service that only helps you save time on writing and formatting. We also noted some scam complaints. However, it is not the case either. If you have any “is Zety scam” concerns, we never found any evidence. 

On the other hand, this resource has a weird charging policy that leaves many unhappy customers. Considering that its services aren’t exclusive, and there are only some basic options, Zety’s reputation might not be so strong. 

Pros and Cons of the service 

The popularity of the Zety resource did not come out of the blue. However, not everything in Zety resume reviews is positive. The service has both pros and cons. 


  • Professionally designed Zety cv, resume, and cover letter templates
  • A dedicated Cover letter builder 
  • Professional guides on writing the job application documents 
  • Fast and simple operation 
  • Multi-language website (English, French, Italian, Portuguese versions)


  • Only basic services – document templates and formatting editors 
  • No possibility to get personal advice or order writing services
  • No optimization for the Applicant Tracking System algorithms 
  • Unclear pricing information 
  • Problems with canceling the subscription 

Besides, we noticed many complaints about the technical issues taking place on the website. Though the company representatives claim that they are fixing these problems, some troubles persist. 

Online Reputation

Many people are satisfied with the simplicity of resume building and Zety templates. However, you will find much more than one negative Zety review on the trusted feedback platforms. This company has implemented a weird policy of charging and unsubscribing. Besides, it does not guarantee refunds. Such issues bring a lot of concerns to users. Despite setting modest prices, Zety has an unpleasant habit of charging without warning. 


Speaking of the guarantees provided by Zety, we see one problem at once. There is no money-back guarantee. The company states that users can stop the subscription anytime. However, there is nothing about getting the prepaid money back. If you cancel the subscription right after being charged, you won’t get that amount back. 

On the other hand, Zety cares about the users’ safety. It applies the most advanced digital protection means, encrypts the traffic, and makes sure that all personal data provided by the customers is concealed and stored securely. 

Types of Services

The company offers the following types of services: 

  • Composing resume, CV, or cover letter from scratch using the system wizard and templates
  • Editing existing application documents and applying the templates for them to format and organize the content 
  • Suggesting the jobs from the leading job portals 
  • Storing and managing unlimited resumes within the user’s account 

All such features are standard and present in all resume-building platforms. Zety does not offer any exclusive services. 

Ordering Process

To use the services properly, you must be a registered user. One more thing, you can compose your resume using the Zety suggestions and templates for free. But you will have to pay to download the results. The system will prompt you that when you click the button to save the newly composed resume. 

The following payment methods are now available at Zety:

  • Debit and credit cards from the major systems (Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Maestro card

The company uses a trusted payment processor to charge your card. It is safe.

After making the payment, you can download the resume as PDF or Word file. Besides, you get full access to all advanced options of Zety for 14 days. We’ll focus on this now. 

Prices and Fees

Is Zety free is a question that concerns all users. The promo materials and official descriptions state that the service is free of charge. However, it is not so. For one-time use, the Zety resume cost is $2.70. 

That initial payment automatically assigns you the 14-days free trial of the full Zety functionality. If you don’t cancel it before the end of the trial period, the system will charge you again for the subscription. The current rates are the following: 

$23.70 per month with auto-renewing every 4 weeks. 

$71.40 per year – it is a much more cost-saving option. 

You can cancel the subscription when you want. 

Paper Quality

Zety claims that it helps users compose and improve the resume. It provides professional suggestions and practical guidelines. We tried the service personally. 

The resume was okay, and the template we chose made the layout and overall look more professional and attractive. However, we lacked a more in-depth analysis and recommendations. 

The absolute majority of hiring managers use dedicated software to analyze and sort the incoming applications. A helpful resume builder should also examine the documents and help to optimize them for the software algorithms. 

Thus, the quality of the Zety resume is average. Any user could make the same with Microsoft Word templates. It would cost nothing and take only a couple of minutes more. 

Customer Support

Users can contact Zety by email and by phone. However, we noticed numerous complaints about the support managers’ work. In many reviews, users mentioned that the managers did not help them. 

Offers and Extra Services

We did not find any information about extra services. Zety only offers ready templates and lets the users store them and adjust them online. The only special offer is reducing the price when subscribing to 12 months at once. It saves costs significantly. 

Entrust Your Needs to Best Resume Companies

Zety does the job of helping users build resumes online. It has accurate templates and guidelines. However, it charges the users’ cards without warning and makes it quite complicated to cancel the subscription. The company states that the easiest way is to contact the support managers and request canceling the subscription. Considering numerous complaints about the customer care at Zety, we can’t make our Zety review positive. 

Verdict: 2 out of 10

If you need reliable assistance with resumes, we can suggest some companies. You will find their names on the top of our rankings. Those teams can give you tools, knowledge, and personal consultation. Some of them can even train you before the interview and help you pass it successfully. 

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What Is Zety Company?

Zety is one of many online resume builders that also constructs CVs and cover letters. First, dedicated wizards allow you to enter the necessary information. Then the system will generate the ready resume on the template. 

Is Zety Legitimate?

Zety is legitimate. Such services don’t abuse any regulations. They only help users overcome writing troubles, providing recommendations, examples, and templates. There is nothing wrong with turning to such companies. 

Is Zety a Scam?

Zety is not a scam, though you’ll find such complaints. Disappointed users usually miss the information about the automated subscription or the end of the trial period. The company informs about its subscription model at once. However, it does not warn about any upcoming payments. 

Is Zety Resume Free?

Zety resume is not free. You can use the tools free of charge. You can also apply the template to format the document. However, it is “read-only.” To save the results of your work and use them, you must pay. 

How Much Does Zety Cost?

The price depends on how you are going to use Zety. If you only want one resume, you will pay $2.70 to download it for personal use. However, note that this also switches you to the 14-days trial subscription. If you don’t cancel it, you’ll be charged monthly. The price is $23.70 every 4 weeks until you cancel the subscription. 

Is Zety a Good Resume Builder?

Zety is simple and convenient to use. As for the quality of results, it is more or less the same as other resume builders. It does not bring you advanced functionality like adjustments for the software algorithms. You can construct your resume easily using public informational sources and Microsoft Word templates. 

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