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  • Convenient step-by-step resume builder
  • A collection of formatting template
  • Detailed manuals on writing resume


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Searching for a job is a complicated process. But it always starts with a resume. This document is crucial. Its quality often determines whether you get an invitation for an interview. That’s why resume services are in high demand, and so many companies work in this area. 

The current post is a new gotresumebuilder review. Lots of users wanted to learn if this company can help them. Hence, after checking the available gotresumebuilder reviews online, we conducted our own research. Here the results of our comprehensive investigation are. 

A Brief Service Review

The is an online company with a concise website and regular services to offer. Though it is not as famous as some other resume helpers, gotresumebuilder is popular. Many users like its approach and the simplicity of usage. Besides, this company keeps its reputation clear. We never heard of any gotresumebuilder scam complaints. 

So, what is gotresumebuilder com now? 

The company offers online tools to compose, format, and publish resumes and cover letters. Also, it provides guidelines on how to write resumes, what to focus on, and what to avoid. Besides, the company has a robust collection of resume samples available for free. 

A common question is gotresumebuilder legit has a definite answer – it is. This team does its job and gives you the tools. You can build the entire resume step by step. Then, you can use ready templates and editors to format the document for a neat and professional look. Finally, you can save it, and this all is free of charge. 

Pros and Cons of the Service 


  • Convenient step-by-step resume builder
  • A collection of formatting templates 
  • Detailed manuals on writing resume 
  • A free library of ready resume samples with intelligent search
  • The possibility to save created resumes free of charge
  • Preparing cover letters and thank-you letters
  • Applications for Android and iOS 


  • Advanced features (cover letters, saving documents in different formats) are paid
  • No discounts 
  • No money-back guarantees 
  • A limited range of payment means
  • No writing services or personal advice 
  • The website looks very basic and lacks essential information, such as FAQ

It provides basic features that are present in all resume-writing portals. At the same time, it has standard weaknesses too. 

Online Reputation

If you search for gotresumebuilder reviews online, you won’t find a lot of information. There are some customers’ feedbacks. However, this service is recommended by such reputable institutions as Drake University and Ohio University. 

On the other hand, the absence of clear refund policies and the comprehensive info on the website isn’t pleasant signs at all. Many users consider that this service might be unreliable. 


Gotresumebuilder, being a resume-writing tool, gets access to the users’ personal information. The good news, it understands the responsibility for keeping the data safe. 

There are all the principal means of digital protection on the website. It uses SSL technologies to encrypt your information and prevent any possibility of stealing the data. The company never let any details leak. 

However, we failed to find any data about the quality guarantees of money-back guarantees. The contents and the format of your resumes and cover letters are your responsibility only. And there is no information about having your money refunded if you need it. You have to discuss the issue personally with the company representatives. 

Types of Services

Gotresumebuilder com offers the general services only: e

  • A resume constructor and formatter
  • A collection of resume templates for different kinds 
  • Templates for cover and “thank-you” letters of different kinds
  • Exporting the ready documents in DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, and HTML formats
  • Publishing resumes on the job portals from within the account

As you can see, the range of services is very modest. Though it provides the most demanded options, there can be trouble if you need additional tools, such as grammar or plagiarism checkers. 

Ordering Process

To use the Gotresumebuilder services, you need to register an account. When you click the button to start building your resume, you will be asked to create an account. It only asks for an email address and a password. Besides, you can delete this account in one click whenever you wish. 

The form that prompts you to upgrade to a premium account appears when you try to use such services as adding a cover letter or downloading your resume as a PDF file. If you agree, you can pay by debit or credit cards issued by the major systems (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx) or PayPal. 

Prices and Fees

The gotresumebuilder pricing is elementary. There is only one option available: Premium subscription for $5.98 per month. Users can cancel this subscription at any moment. However, it is unclear if you can request a refund for that amount. In this aspect, Gotresumebuilder would have a very vague policy, if there is anything at all. 

Paper Quality

As gotresumebuilder is not a writing service. It is a writing tool, the quality of the documents depends on the user only. The templates provided are rather neat. They are helpful if you have writer’s block and don’t know how to start a resume or a cover letter. 

A good feature is the possibility to customize your resume and additional documents. There are templates for different levels (student, graduate, entry, experienced, career-change, etc.). Also, there are cover letters, “thank-you” letters, and follow-up letter templates. You can adjust all these documents according to your purposes. 

However, there are numerous free templates of such documents on the web. The pieces offered by are nothing exclusive. The price of almost $6/month is modest, but it is for average quality. 

Customer Support

If you need personalized support, you can contact the customer care managers. There is a contact form on the website to send your request. Besides, you can use a direct email address or call by toll-free phone number. 

Offers and Extra Services

At the moment, gotresumebuilder has special offers for several categories of users: 

  • People who lost jobs because of the pandemic;
  • Students and library users;
  • Schools, Libraries, and Non-profit organizations. 

These categories can have free access to Premium features. It includes customizable templates for all documents and different levels, saving the applications in several formats and publishing them online on the job portals. 

Entrust Your Needs to Best Resume Companies

In the process of preparing this gotresumebuilder review, we tried this service ourselves. We also searched for the previous users’ feedbacks. Though it seems that customers are more or less satisfied with the GotResumeBuilder features, we’d mark it simple. r

Verdict for GotResumeBuilder: 3 of 10

Such companies as GotResumeBuilder just provide you with some helping tools and an area to store your resumes. However, if you need quality guarantees, it is better to turn to writing companies. On this website, you’ll find the ratings. Be sure that the teams from the top of that rating will resolve all your needs. 

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What is GotResumeBuilder?

GotResumeBuilder is one of many resume constructors with ready templates. When you use it, you can build a resume and a cover letter with the help of predefined blocks. It is a decent option when you want to save time for writing and formatting. 

Is Gotresumebuilder Legit?

Yes, it is a legit company. It provides you with some tools to make the process of composing job applications faster and easier. Such a business is 100% legit. There aren’t any possible issues. 

Is Gotresumebuilder a Scam?

Gotresumebuilder is not a scam. It even provides some options for free that other resume constructors charge for. Its monthly fee is also lower than the competitors’ pricing. It is a law-abiding service. 

Is GotResumeBuilder Reliable?

It is reliable in terms of providing options. You get the tools and guidelines, and you can compose the necessary documents for your job application. If you subscribe to the Premium level, you will get access to the advanced options. However, the quality of the content will depend on your knowledge and talents only. 

Is Gotresumebuilder Free?

You can compose a resume, format it and apply a style template, and download it as Word free of charge. Advanced features, such as additional file formats for download, publishing, and constructors for cover letters are provided in the Premium subscription at $6 per month. 

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