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  • Basic free account and a fully-functional free trial of the premium level


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The Application Tracking System (ATS) is an integral part of modern recruitment. It accepts the applications, analyzes, and sorts them. It means that your resume must work for the ATS algorithms to pass the initial stage and get to the HR people. Modern resume services focus on matching the ATS criteria too. is one of them. 

Many users wonder if they can trust this team completely. We found some Jobscan reviews on the Web, but the best factor is personal experience. That’s why we ran our own comprehensive research of the service. Now, we are ready to share our Jobscan review. 

A Brief Service Review

First of all, let us clarify what is Jobscan. Jobscan is an online service that analyzes your resume and recommends how to optimize it for ATS. Of course, it is not the only feature the company offers. You can also create a resume and cover letter from scratch. The official website shares the latest Jobscan jobs from the most powerful job portals for your consideration too. Still, the distinctive feature is to work with your resume and adjust it to pass the ATS criteria. 

As you see, the modern job searching process is something like optimizing websites for Google. Jobscan co also works with keywords and analyzes how well your resume fits the specific job and particular vacancy. Moreover, it provides you with a clear recommendation on editing your application to those algorithms. 

A regular question is Jobscan legit, gets a positive answer. It is 100% legit. There is nothing wrong with making your resume better targeted. You can use the Jobscan recommendations safely. There aren’t grounds for worries “is Jobscan scam” either. The team members of this company are professionals who can help the users with working advice. 

Pros and Cons of the Service

Let us consider the advantages and disadvantages of the Jobscan resume software. Of course, this service has both. 


  • The algorithms are similar to those that ATS uses – it ensures correct analysis of the resume
  • In-depth analysis including both the keywords and layout specificities
  • LinkedIn profiles optimization for the definite vacancy requirements
  • Social Media optimization
  • Resume manager to work with numerous versions of resumes
  • Basic free account and a fully-functional free trial of the premium level


  • Not really suitable for entry-level applicants 
  • Most of the necessary features are paid
  • Prices are substantial 
  • No refund guarantees 

Now, we are going to proceed and examine these aspects in more detail. 

Online Reputation

While working on our Jobscan review, we got familiar with other user’s feedback online. As we can see, users mostly like the Jobscan approach and tips. There are many positive reviews. The negative feedbacks relate to missing the Free trial end and being charged without warning. 


Like most resume assistants, Jobscan cares about the users’ safety. It implemented high-level encryption to protect the users’ data. The company does not collect or store the payment information. Finally, it claims that data backups take place regularly. Thus, you may not worry about losing your work because of some technical failure. 

On the other hand, the company does not provide any money-back guarantees. It only states that users can cancel the subscription at any moment. However, if it happens long before the end of the billing period, you can’t expect to get the “unused” money back. 

Types of Services

The popular services offered by the company are: 

  • Job scans – analyzing your resume for the particular vacancy and providing recommendations
  • Making resumes from scratch with predefined templates
  • Making cover letters using the professional templates
  • Optimizing the LinkedIn accounts 

Besides, the company allows all users to access the Learning Center and educate themselves in all aspects of applying for a job. 

Ordering Process

You can run the first scan for a job without registration. However, to view all results and recommendations, you need to create a free account. It has basic functionality, but it is not time-restricted. To register an account, you need your email address and password. Or, you can log in under your LinkedIn ID. 

To access the advanced functionality and more detailed information, you need a paid subscription. Jobscan accepts payments by debit and credit cards from any major system. Other payment means (PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.) aren’t supported. 

Prices and Fees

Paid users of Jobscan can run unlimited calculations for the ATS match rates and keep all the scan history to track their progress. Such features as LinkedIn optimization and cover letter optimizations are also paid. 

Users can select two options for the subscription: 

$49.95 – monthly payments. You are charged at once, without trial periods. 

$89.95 – quarterly payments. This subscription comes with a 1-month free trial to evaluate all services properly. If you keep it after the trial, you are charged $89.95 every 3 months. 

If you cancel the free trial before the end of the period, you won’t be charged. Also, you can cancel the subscription at any moment. 

Paper Quality

We were satisfied by the recommendations that Jobscan provided for our resumes. They were logical and helped us improve the application documents for the ATS scans. However, this software does not help with the content. You can say that Jobscan focuses on using keywords, but you can’t guarantee that those are the keywords that recruiters will use. 

While this online tool helps adjust the resume to the robots, you know that the final decision will come from a human. Then, it depends on your abilities to present yourself and create catchy content. But the software won’t help here, and the service does not provide personal consultations from human specialists either. 

Customer Support

Jobscan offers a Help Center – a FAQ section that provides information about the most common issues. If you can’t find the answer there, you can contact the customer support managers. There is an email address, and you also can communicate with the managers directly in the live chat. The phone number is not provided. 

Offers and Extra Services

The Jobscan company runs several dedicated programs for universities, governmental organizations, and NGOs. The participants of these programs can use the Jobscan services with significant discounts. Also, there is a separate program for career coaches allowing them to run clients’ accounts and utilize in-depth analytics. 

Entrust Your Needs to Best Resume Companies

Despite all the undoubted advantages of Jobscan, it is not the service we could recommend to anyone. Our Jobscan review praises the analytical functionality. However, it suits experienced specialists mostly. If you are an entry-level candidate or a career switcher, you’d hardly obtain valuable advice. Besides, the price of the service is high enough. 

Verdict: 3 out of 10

It may be best to rely on professional resume writers and consultants. On our website, you’ll find information about the best teams working in this area. They are 100% worth your trust. 

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Is Jobscan Legit?

Yes, it is a legit service that helps the candidates get better prepared. There aren’t any vague conditions or hidden payments. The system works diligently and provides the customers with valuable recommendations. 

Is Jobscan Accurate?

The Jobscan algorithms work similarly to the ATS system. Therefore, Jobscan can treat and analyze your application documents the same way as the recruiters’ software. As we examined and implemented the recommendations, we could see our application documents becoming more adjusted to the ATS scan. 

Is Jobscan Reliable?

The Jobscan functionality helps your resume achieve the 80% ATS match. It increases your chances to get past the software significantly. We noticed many users’ feedbacks mentioning that they received more invitations to the interview. 

How Much Does Jobscan Cost?

You can use this service for free if the basic functionality suits you. If you need more advanced features and access to all resources, you have to purchase a subscription. The price is $49.95 per month or $89.95 per 3 months. If you consider that you’ll need this service for more than 2 months, the quarterly subscription will be more cost-saving. 

Is Jobscan a Good Tool?

Most users are satisfied by the Jobscan functionality and resources it provides. We’d say that this tool matches the needs and purposes of experienced specialists already having impressive work experience and achievements. However, if you are a newcomer or target a career change, Jobscan would hardly help you efficiently. 

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