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Resume-Now is another online helper with your resume. The only distinction is that there are no writers who will write a resume instead of you.  The website just proposes to use tools that can ease the writing process of resumes and cover letters. It means that you will have to write a resume by your own efforts. Many potential clients have a question “Is Resume-Now safe”? We have answered this and other questions in this comprehensive overview of the Resume-Now.

What is Resume-Now?

Do not expect to get a written resume from a team of expert writers of Resume-Now. Because there are no professional writers in this company. Resume-Now operates on the basis of templates. When you go on to the website’s home page, everything will be clear for you. You can find the “Create Resume” button, and if you press on it, you will see different tools that can simplify the writing of your resume.

The first thing you will start to do is, of course, write your resume using these tools. After you have spent some time writing your resume, the concluding step is to download a completed result—this is where you are caught in the trap of a Resume-Now company. In order to download your resume, you will have to pay for a subscription.

We say that you are in the trap of Resume-Now because the company did not include any signs or notifications that the service is payable. Many clients had no other choice than to buy a subscription because they spent much time writing resumes.

Therefore, we have answered one of the most important questions: “Is Resume-Now free.” Remember that Resume-Now is a paid company.

Pros and Cons of Resume-Now

We have just started our overview of c and have already found the first disadvantage of the company. To summarize all pros and cons of the Resume-Now company, we have gathered them in a table below:


  • the navigation of the website is pretty user-friendly;
  • writing tips and samples are free.


  • the company has a bad online reputation;
  • there is no information that the service is paid;
  • online chat operates on a schedule.

Resume-Now Online Reputation

What do potential clients do when they decide whether to use a particular resume writing company or not? The majority of them start to read testimonials. Speaking about Resume-Now reviews, there are many negative testimonials. Clients were mad that the company hid information that the service is not free. This action is dishonest in relation to clients. Moreover, clients stayed unsatisfied with the cooperation with Resume-Now for other reasons. To conclude, we can say that Resume-Now has a bad online reputation.

What about Warranties?

Do you remember that Resume-Now is not a writing service? Therefore, do not expect to get a revision or refund guarantee. The company foresaw it. Therefore you can test all the tools before buying them. After you have purchased some tools, it means that you have agreed with all terms. There is no money-back guarantee.

Proposed Services

You can purchase one of the subscription types of Resume-Now. Every type offers its features and tools for you to create your resume. You will have to write a resume by your own efforts, but tools of Resume-Now are supposed to make this process easier. Among some tools are different templates, formatting features, and a spelling checker.

Ordering Process at Resume-Now

The ordering process is not pretty difficult. All you need to do is to start writing your resume. After you press the “Finish Resume” button, a list of subscription alternatives appears. Select one of them, which suits you the most, provide credit card data and make a payment for a chosen subscription.

Pricing Policy

As we have said earlier, Resume-Now offers three subscription options. Two of the options are trials. The first option costs $1.45 for 14 days. It has no cover letter builder and a resume checker feature. The second option costs $1.95 for 14 days. It has a full list of features. Be very attentive because, after 14 days, the system will automatically charge you $24.99 every 4 weeks. There were clients who did not notice this information, considering they have paid only for a trial period.

The third option costs $10.45. But even here, it was not without tricks from the side of Resume-Now. You must have thought that you will pay $10.45 every month, right? We hasten to upset you that you will have to buy a yearly subscription that costs $125.40. The whole sum should be paid at once. We do not think that this service will be useful for 12 months.

Quality Element

Speaking about quality, we can evaluate the usefulness of Resume-Now features. If you purchase a trial subscription, it will not be a bad idea. Just remember that you will have to cancel your subscription after the trial period because the system will automatically charge you every month. Speaking about the annual subscription, there is no need to waste money. It’s hard for us to believe that somebody will use this service regularly.

Level of Customer Support

Resume-Now has an online chat, but it operates only on schedule. Therefore, do not expect to get 24/7 support. Also, you can call the customer support managers, but many clients said that it was too hard to reach them.

Extra Features

In our table of advantages of the company, we have indicated that Resume-Now offers writing tips for resumes and cover letters and some samples. They can be regarded as some kind of extra features. These services are free.

Ask for Help from Other Resume Companies

Taking into consideration the availability of a great number of disadvantages in the operation of the company and negative Resume-Now reviews, we do not recommend relying on this service. Nowadays, Resume-Now can not compete with the best resume writing helpers. Though the price can be attractive, the Resume-Now has many “underwater rocks.” Therefore, we advise asking for help from trustworthy resume writing companies.

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Is Resume-Now Legit?

We cannot say unequivocally that Resume-Now is a legit company. There is no visible information on its website that this service is paid for.

Is Resume-Now a Scam?

According to the testimonials of clients, Resume-Now is a scam because it does not indicate that you will have to pay to use tools. We advise you to be attentive and read the terms and conditions of the Resume-Now thoroughly.

Is Resume-Now Good?

Resume-Now is not a good company. It has many cons to fix. There is no need to waste money even on a trial subscription because you can write a great resume by your own efforts without using Resume-Now tools.

Is Resume-Now Safe?

If you have studied the terms and conditions of the company, Resume-Now is safe for you. Otherwise, you can face one of its “underwater rocks.”

Is Resume-Now Trustworthy?

Resume-Now is not a trustworthy company. It has many tricks to fool clients.

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