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This review is based on the internal assessment of all aspects of the service’s operation and also the consideration of Internet-available reviews. The report is designated for informing customers about possible outcomes of dealing with this service and is based on the opinions of our assessors only. This is to provide more information for consideration and better choices. 

Service Review is focused on creating various samples of resumes. In fact, the service is a huge database of ready-made samples and templates where a customer may pick one that works well and adjust it. The service was focused on the writing of resumes only at the moment or our assessment. This service may be perfect for independent customers who like to work on their own.

Unfortunately, the service is not very much convenient for those who have a more complex request for resume making or those who need the assistance of professional resume makers. So, is legit? Is a scam? Is it good? Here you will find the answer to all these and other questions related to the operation of this service. 

Pros and Cons

Let’s speak about the obvious advantages that has. Our assessors can identify at least an easy-to-use interface with lots of convenient options, plenty of templates, and opportunities for customization. The service may be perfect for those who like independent work and know exactly what they want. Among obvious disadvantages of the service is the lack of up-to-date templates and professional editors for this work. The users are also not able to amend the structure of documents they work with. Also, customers may experience delays with the delivery of final documents and poor operation of the customer support department.

Online Reputation

In our review, we can say that the service is far from one having a good reputation. It has mixed reviews from both happy and unhappy customers. Negative reviews are focused on the deficiencies of the service operation, its week templates, and similar things related to the customer support operation. The opinion of our assessors is all those aspects have to be improved significantly.

Guarantees the satisfaction and confidentiality guarantees basically. From the point of our assessors, the satisfaction guarantee is not provided in full as the customers’ claims about weaknesses of the service operation. The same thing is with the confidentiality guarantee as the service has failed to apply and address sufficient measures for arranging the processing of customers’ personal data and the interaction with this service. The service also suggests a 14-days money-back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with the final quality of a document it gets from there.

Types of Services

The service provides an option of resume builder only. This is a thing that can be customized according to the customer’s needs where it is possible to pick and amend the required format of a document as the customer wishes. Unfortunately, the service didn’t provide professional editors, and career coaches the assistance at the moment of this review preparation. 

Ordering Process

If you want to enjoy the options of this service, you need only register and pick a sufficient plan (we will speak about those in the next chapter). Later, you will get access to the database of templates, where you can pick any of them and amend that as you find appropriate. After that, it is possible to preview and download the ready-made document. If you choose this subscription process, you pay once and get access to making your resume an unlimited number of times.

Prices and Fees, from the point of view of our assessors, has not a very transparent pricing policy. The prices for a certain template may vary if you need any specific one. Basically, you may arrange the subscription. A 14-days trial with limited options may cost you around $1.95. The company doesn’t provide any extra services from professional resume makers and editors.

Paper Quality

It has to be improved significantly. The service fails to address basic standards of resume writing. Documents it delivers to customers lack clarity and customization to the basic needs of the customers. In fact, getting a template with minimal enhancements is quite possible here. The opinion of our assessors is that the standards of the quality have to be significantly improved. 

Customer Support

The service has failed to form a strong support team. Its agent may fail to address basic issues the customers may refer to. Resolving such requests may take too much time and cause unnecessary delays. So, the opinion of our assessors is that the standards of support operation have to be enhanced significantly to ensure a better customer experience. 

Offers and Extra Services is a specialized service that presents an option of resume making only. This is a service where customers may request and get samples of resumes to amend on their own only. No extra options for career coaches and professional resume makers are available here. 

Trust Your Task to Best Resume Company

If you are considering as your potential service provider, we advise you to switch the choice in favor of another resume writing service. The assessed one lacks high standards of performance and operation. It fails to provide to customers effective support and charges quite a lot for its services (while resumes may not be very quality). Our suggestion is to find and look through options that may ensure higher standards of resume writing and customer support.

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Is Legit?

This resume writing company is legit, and we have no doubts in this regard. Also, we have not revealed any pieces of evidence at the moment of our assessment that the company was not legit. It also has effective policies that regulate the provision of services and interaction with customers.

Is a Scam?

This service we cannot call a scam. But, we have revealed reviews from customers (we presume these were unsatisfied ones) concerning the likely scamming nature of this service. We have not identified evidence concerning this point.

Is Good?

Our assessors cannot recommend this service as well. Our opinion is that it is far from this recommendation because of the poor quality and ineffective support. These aspects should be improved. 

Is Safe?

We cannot consider this service entirely safe as it lacks sufficient measures to be applied for better security of operation with customers’ personal data and making orders.

Is Trustworthy?

Our assessors cannot call this service trustworthy. This is not a good place for making a potential order in view of the comparatively low quality of services and weak performance of the local support team. The prices are also high, we think, for the kind of services offered.

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