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  • A cover letter builder
  • PDF, DOCx, SVG, JPEG, and TXT formats for download


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Whether you are a college graduate or an established professional in your area, your search for a job starts with preparing a resume. This first stage is inevitable, and your resume must win their attention at once. 

Fortunately, there are lots of online resources that help you prepare for the job application. Hloom com is one of them. However, there are only a few Hloom reviews, not very informative. That’s why we’ve decided to research this service ourselves. Here we present to you the Hloom review, based on the results of our fresh examination. 

A Brief Service Review

The resume Hloom company is an online platform where users can build resumes. There are ready templates for resumes, CVs, and cover letters. Also, you will find writing tips. A dedicated blog shares practical recommendations on many job searching aspects. 

The website has four language versions – English, Spanish, Italian, and French. But you might have a tough time trying to locate the piece of information you need. Most of the Hloom resume reviews mentioned this sad fact. 

The Hloom resume services are limited to equipping you with tools and templates. The frequent question is, “is Hloom legit?” Yes, this resource is legit. It provides the information and helps you save time and overcome the writing block. 

The primary benefit of using Hloom is saving time and removing the routine. You can use predefined text blocks (editable) and color schemes. If you worry “is Hloom safe,” the web resource uses the necessary digital protection means. 

Pros and Cons of the Service 

Like any other online resume builder, Hloom has its strong points and weaknesses. Below, we’ll expose them all briefly. 


  • A collection of professionally designed templates of resumes and CVs
  • A cover letter builder
  • Recommendations according to the job match program
  • Adjusting the Hloom resumes and cover letters to the Applicant Tracking Software
  • PDF, DOCx, SVG, JPEG, and TXT formats for download


  • Complicated navigation and organization of the information on the website
  • Misleading information about paid functionality
  • Programming errors causing incorrect scanning of the resumes 

As many users claim, the Hloom customer service is okay. On the other hand, the absence of clear information about paid features made other users concerned. 

Online Reputation

Most users seem to be satisfied by the Hloom services. However, there are disappointed users as well. While working on our Hloom review, we noticed the dissatisfied customers’ complaints. The company did not warn about the paid nature of the service. For many users, it seems not a fair policy. 


The Hloom company provides the standard guarantees: 

  • The confidentiality guarantee protects the information provided by the users. You can compose your resumes and cover letter and then save them online in your account. 
  • The money-back guarantee. However, we noted that it relates to the trial period prepayment. We failed to find any information about refunding subscription fees. 

As the financial issues are the most sensitive, such vague descriptions won’t help the users trust the company. 

Types of Services

Hloom is an online constructor for independent use. That’s why the range of services it delivers is not very vast. However, it offers the following standard features:

  • Resume, CV, and cover letter templates with predefined editable text snippets
  • Editors and style templates to format your application professionally
  • Practical guidelines for preparing job applications 

The company claims that its copyrighted templates match the ATS algorithms. Thus, the candidate’s chances are improved. The templates utilize the right keywords to meet the vacancy requirements. 

Ordering Process

When you come to Hloom com for the first time, you can start creating your resume at once. However, you’ll be prompted to create an account in the process. That will be a Basic level account. It allows you to compose your job application documents and save them in plain TXT format. 

If you want to download, email, or print your resume in Word or PDF, you need to upgrade to the Premium level. This option emerges when you are clicking the “download” button. Also, you can do it from the “Subscription” section of your account. 

The payment means are debit or credit cards from the major systems – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. As we can see, the Hloom company uses a trusted payment processor. So, the ordering process is safe. 

Prices and Fees

The Hloom resume cost will depend on the subscription type. On the website, the prices are given in euros. 

  • 2,80 € is a Hloom price for the 14-days Premium trial. It is the default option you get at once. 
  • 23,80 € is a monthly charge that happens every four weeks after the trial period. 
  • 71,40 € is an upfront payment for the yearly subscription. It is a cost-saving option, as it would be 5,95 € per month. 

Hloom claims that it will cancel and refund the 2,80 € for the trial subscription within 14 days. Also, you can cancel the active subscription yourself at any moment. 

Paper Quality

As the Hloom company describes, it provides the best-quality resume and cover letter templates. The company’s staff includes the certified recruiters. With their help, the designers make exclusive templates that should work much better for the HR people.

We tried to compose a resume using those exclusive templates (and paid 2,80 € for the trial Premium access). The pre-written suggestions were standard. We had to edit them thoroughly to make them more original and personal. As for the style schemes, they made the look of the resumes more elegant. However, you can have the same effect by using Microsoft Word. 

Customer Support

The company has a dedicated customer care team. To contact it, you can use email – they respond within one business day. Also, you can use the toll-free phone number. However, note that the support is not 24/7. The working shifts are from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, it is from 8 am to 5 pm. On Sundays, it is from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Offers and Extra Services

We could not find any information about special offers. The only discount comes with the yearly subscription. It is significant, almost 77% off. 

Entrust Your Needs to Best Resume Companies

As most of the Hloom reviews state, this company provides misleading information. It offers free services, but then you understand that you’ll have to pay. Besides, to make your resume working, you’ll still need to work hard yourself. There is nothing that Hloom can offer for pay that you can’t get for free. 

Verdict: 4 out of 10 

Our team has reviewed many resume writing services. We also compiled their rankings. If you want reliable help and a guarantee of getting the invitation to an interview – turn to the best companies from our rankings. 

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What is Hloom?

Hloom is a resume builder. It is an online area where you can use the constructor and templates to compose your own resumes, CVs, and cover letters. Then, you can store these documents online to access them from any place or save them locally on PC in different formats. 

Is Hloom Legit?

Hloom is a legit company. But it does not provide writing services. There are only tools and guidelines for the users. It also cares about the users’ safety properly. However, the results will depend on your abilities first of all, not the company. 

Is Hloom a Scam?

It is not a scam. The company provides the service, offering you a place to build and format your resume faster. On the other hand, the company claims that it delivers free services. It is not such, as the free account does not let you save the results of your work. 

Is Hloom Good? 

We find the exclusive templates of Hloom quite attractive. The blog is informative, and you’ll get a lot of helpful tips from it. However, you need to remember that Hloom is not a writing service. It only helps you do the task faster and recommends some efficient approaches. The rest is 100% yours. 

Is Hloom Resume Free?

It is not free. You can compose a resume for free and save it as plain TXT. To use professionally designed templates and recruiters’ suggestions, you will need to pay at least 2,80 € for the 14-days trial access. 

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