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This report is prepared to summarize the internal Resume Genius review results and all Internet-available Resume Genius reviews from customers. This report is based on the assessment and opinion of our experts. It covers the assessment of the quality of delivered documents, the time of such deliveries, prices, and the overall customer service. The report is designated to provide more info about the operation of the service for better customer choices.

Pros and Cons

Resume Genius has certain advantages and disadvantages of using it. First of all, it has a convenient interface and easy procedure for making orders. It is also easy to navigate the process of resume creating by choosing the necessary templates. Among the disadvantages of this service are comparatively low standards as to the quality, weaknesses of the customer support operation, and lack of professional resume creators. Potential customers also may experience here deficiencies related to the possible delays with the delivery of documents. Our opinion is that the service has more deficiencies rather than advantages.

Online Reputation

Resume Genius has quite a controversial reputation that is based on both positive and negative Resume Genius reviews. This is a problematic point that has to be improved as we think. Most of such reviews are focused on the matter of the quality of documents. That is an important point that has to be resolved in the first turn, from our point of view. We have also identified reviews that claimed about the insufficient operation of the local support. Those issues have to be improved significantly, from our point of view. 


Resume Genius provided the guarantee of customer satisfaction. But, the service is not entirely customized to the needs of the clients. Also, it likely ensures the security and confidentiality of the interaction with the customers. We have revealed that the service doesn’t apply sufficient measures for ensuring that.

Types of Services

Resume Genius is a place where you can create and get resumes and cover letters. You can either use existing templates or create customized documents on your own. Unfortunately, the service lacks professional editors and resume makers. 

Ordering Process

If you want to get your customized resume, you should create an account first. The subscription plan will start from a 14-days trial for a minimal sum. After you have paid for this subscription, you get access to an unlimited number of resume formats and templates. You may pick any of them and indicate information related to your job history. Unfortunately, you cannot alter the structure of the documents themselves. 

Prices and Fees

Resume Genius offers a couple of subscription plans. You can subscribe for its free 14-days trial and pay $1.95 only. You may easily access an unlimited number of resumes and templates, and cover letters with this option. After the expiration of this trial period, you will be automatically charged a year subscription for $7.95 per month. This annual subscription will be automatically renewed later. The opinion of our assessors is that these options are too high for the quality the service offers, including the outdated templates and those it is not possible to alter. 

Paper Quality

The quality of documents made by this service is far from high. They have and apply a bit outdated templates. If a customer has a specific request, this service is not likely one that can help you with such. Our assessors think that the service should think more about updating their templates and customizing them more to customers’ needs.

Customer Support

The local support team works comparatively well. But, the standards of their operation are far from high. The time of responses is too long. The agents also may take additional time to resolve an issue. That may be reasonable if such an issue is complicated. But, for a simple matter, that can be time-consuming. Our opinion is that support agents should operate faster and better.

Offers and Extra Services

Resume Genius offers a resume builder with a lot of templates inside. You may pick any of them and fill in the information you find relevant to your case. Unfortunately, you cannot amend the structure of templates existing in a database. This platform also didn’t provide any extra services at the moment of our assessment. 

Trust Your Task to Best Resume Company

This Resume Genius review is designated for presenting independent assessment and opinion only for better informing of possible customers about what kind of services they can get here. Our assessors suggest you look for another service that can address resume making requests more precisely and provide services of better quality. Quality, support, and time of delivery are major factors why we think this service is not the best one for making your inquiry.

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Is Resume Genius  Legit?

This is a legit and legally existing company. Our assessors have reviewed their policies. They are made according to the laws under which a company operates. We have no doubts about the legal status of this resume writing service.

Is Resume Genius  a Scam?

Our opinion – it is not a scam. The service legally exists and provides the same service as it declares. But, we have identified customer reviews claiming about the likely scamming nature of this service. We presume these were unhappy customers of the service.

Is Resume Genius  Good?

Our opinion and opinion of many former customers is that the service is not very good in delivering quality services. It lacks high standards of performance and can delay the delivery of the ordered services.

Is Resume Genius  Safe?

We cannot consider this service as entirely safe. It lacks effective measures for ensuring the safety of its performance. Our assessors are especially worried about the security of personal details customers provide to this service. Our opinion that more advanced measures should be applied to keep and process the data of customers.

Is Resume Genius  Trustworthy?

Our assessors cannot consider this service as trustworthy and recommend you to try it. You may do this. But, the main risks you may potentially face while working with this service are:

The lack of sufficient quality standards.

  • Long time for order processing.
  • Sometimes weak support.

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