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This ResumeStrong review is created for better informing customers about the main features of this writing service, peculiarities of its operation (risks, quality standards, support, prices, and other important aspects). This report also considers available ResumeStrong reviews about the service for making content comprehensive. This review is based on the opinions of our assessors aimed at informing customers and enabling better considerations. 

Service Review

ResumeStrong is an online platform that provides professional resume making services. This may be various types of resumes: for beginners, professionals, executives, etc. A customer likely needs to provide the details he/she wants to be included and a guide concerning the templates that should be used. In the outcome, it is possible to get a customized template. In fact, those resumes are not very well-professionally made. 

In this ResumeStrong review, our assessors will provide information to all the most important questions related to this service. Is ResumeStrong legit? Is ResumeStrong a scam? Is it good enough to order a document here?

Pros and Cons

If we consider the strong point this service has, the overall conveniences of using this website and the involvement of trustworthy payment operators should be emphasized in the first turn. The service also suggests a variety of templates to take and start to work on. Still, at the same time, the service lacks sufficient standards as to the quality of service and support provision. As an outcome, the quality of documents and customers’ satisfaction may suffer. Another aspect is security. It should also be improved a number of times to prevent any potential cyber threats related to the operations with the personal data of customers.

Online Reputation

In our ResumeStrong review, we can conclude that the service should improve its reputation. Among all reviews available on the Internet, we have identified negative ones related to quality and support matters. These are the most important, even to say crucial, aspects for any writing service. So, ResumeStrong should pay more attention to them.


ResumeStrong provides you guarantees of customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and confidentiality. If we speak about quality and customer satisfaction, our assessors think this guarantee is not ensured enough. While we consider timely delivery, there could be cases of delays related to the document delivery. The same bad thing is with the guarantee of confidentiality. If the service has failed to apply and tell its customers about security measures to protect their information, the guarantee may be left declarative only.

Types of Services

You can order from ResumeStrong various types of resumes and other job-related documents. These documents may be for a beginner specialist, professional, manager, and other executive roles. Our assessors consider this range of services to be a bit narrow and, in our opinion, is not well-formed. 

Ordering Process

If you want to get the ready document, it is required to create an order first. Indicate all preferences for this case, your personal information, a deadline, information from your professional history, and other matters you want to be considered. After this order form has been completed, you need only submit it and pay for these services. Later, you will be redirected to a payment page, whether you will be able to insert payment details and confirm the payment. Afterward, the writing process will be started, and you will be able to get a ready document a bit later. The process appears to be simple and straightforward at first glance and if everything goes well. 

Prices and Fees

ResumeStrong has several pricing options. You may order here a silver package for $72, its gold package for $89, and a platinum package for $139. Its silver package will include resume writing only. The gold package will include apart from the resume a cover letter also. A platinum package will include a resume, cover letter, and follow-up letter. If you want to pay for any option, you may use any credit card you have or use PayPal.

Paper Quality

The quality of documents is average, even sometimes below the average. Templates used for preparing documents are outdated and lack proper structuring. They are not sufficient for managerial or governmental positions, our assessors think. Sometimes certain important aspects that can make a candidate distinct may not be addressed entirely well. So, our assessors justifiably think the aspect of quality should be improved. 

Customer Support

If we consider the ResumeStrong support team, the service has to improve its operation by applying sufficient control. Agents may fail to address matters customers refer to and do this on time. That can be very bad in terms of delivering urgent services. 

Offers and Extra Services

You may order here to write various types of resumes and job-related documents. The service can likely offer you from resumes for beginners to executive samples. You provide details only and get your samples ready after some predetermined time.

Trust Your Task to Best Resume Company

This ResumeStrong review is based on the thorough investigation of the key aspects of this service performance, like quality standards, time of delivery, customer support, prices, etc. This report is based on the considerations of our assessors and is aimed at delivering an opinion about the overall performance of the service. At the moment, we see certain deficiencies in this aspect and encourage potential customers to review other options.

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Is ResumeStrong Legit?

Our qualified assessors, after the consideration of this service, cannot doubt its legal nature. ResumeStrong is a legally existing company with relevant internal policies. It also operates according to the applicable laws. At the moment of this review preparation, our assessors have not identified any serious points that could indicate the illegal nature of this service. But, our assessors presume the service may not be fair enough with customers.

Is ResumeStrong a Scam?

We presume this service is a scam. ResumeStrong has got some negative reviews from customers with the allegations of a likely scamming nature of this service. Still, our assessors think that it is only because of the dissatisfaction due to the not very good services. But, their website really appears to be a bit suspicious. 

Is ResumeStrong Good?

Based on the results of the conducted assessment, our reviewers cannot recommend ResumeStrong as a good service to use and make your documents. It may fail with addressing all aspects of the customers’ order properly and on time. The service also can deliver documents of average quality. These two aspects prevent from recommending this service as entirely good.

Is ResumeStrong Safe?

At the moment of preparing our assessment, reviewers have noticed the lack of sufficient security measures applied for ensuring the safety of personal data procession and operation with it. The service has not implemented those must-have features that can prevent data leaks, like encryption at least. 

Is ResumeStrong Trustworthy?

Our reviewers cannot consider this service as entirely trustworthy due to certain deficiencies related to its performance (quality standards and support) and security issues. These are the most important points customers should be confident in. But, at the moment, all these points suffer. This prevents from considering the service as entirely trustworthy.

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