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If you are reconsidering the ResumesGuaranteed writing service, this ResumesGuaranteed review may help you with assessing the information about the quality standards, support, prices, and other important aspects of dealing with this service. This report is based on the publicly available information about the service and ResumesGuaranteed reviews from former customers. It is based on the considerations of our experts only to present more information for your better choices.

Service Review

ResumesGuaranteed is a web-based company that writes and delivers job-related documents. Namely, the company may draft any type of resume or CV a customer may request. This can be a professional, federal, or managerial document. You may also request cover letter writing to accompany this resume or cover letter. Additionally, it is possible to order the enhancement of your LinkedIn profile. If you want to feel free and confident during the application or job searching process in general, the service may also provide you coaching. 

Our assessors have reviewed publicly available information about this service and ResumesGuaranteed reviews from former customers. Our ResumesGuaranteed review will focus on the most important aspects of this service operation, like the types and quality of services, their prices, advantages, and disadvantages of using it. Here we will answer the main questions about the service. Is ResumesGuaranteed legit? Is ResumesGuaranteed a scam? Is it good enough to make an order?

Pros and Cons

If you want to order a document from this service, you may need to be aware of the main advantages and disadvantages it has. If we speak about the benefits, the service has quite a convenient and easy-to-navigate website. It is easy to make orders and payments there. Also, it suggests a quite extensive range of services our assessors can consider and comprehensive. 

For our assessors, among the obvious disadvantages of the service are comparatively poor quality of services (our assessors saw better documents), the same poor operation of the customer support team. Also, the prices for these services are comparatively high if we speak about the services of competitors. 

Online Reputation

This service has both positive and negative comments from its former customers. In our ResumesGuaranteed review, we want to warn customers more about the risks people mentioned in their comments. Most of them were typically related to the quality of writings and customer support. Customers complained about the failed orders and poorly written documents. They also stated about the problems with getting effective support on time. The opinion of our assessors in this regard is that the service has to work better on these aspects.


The service promises potential customers the guarantee of quality and confidentiality. If we speak about the quality, the service promises to amend delivered samples if you don’t like them and make everything according to your instructions and expectations. 

The service also provides a guarantee of confidentiality and security. Our assessors think it doesn’t apply sufficient security measures to prevent any possible web-related risks.

ResumesGuaranteed also promises you to provide documents on time. But, in fact, that delivery may be delayed a bit because of the necessity to amend a document a little bit. 

Types of Services

Here you may order any type of resume or CV. This may be a sample for a beginner, professional, or federal one. The website promises to cover all possible needs. It also can suggest you likely effective cover letter writing. If you need support during the application process, the service may suggest you coaching.

Ordering Process

If you want to get your personalized sample of resume or cover letter, you need to fill their order form only. Insert all details about your professional history, education, achievements, and other important information for you and that can be relevant to your future employers. You may also provide a sample to rely on. Also, indicate any special requirements you have for this order and submit it. A bit later, you will be passed to the payment page, where you can complete this order and wait till its completion. During the process, you will provide answers to responses and extra questions that may appear. Later, you need only download your ready document and provide feedback whether it needs any extra rounds of revisions.

Prices and Fees

If you want to get your professional resume sample, this may cost around $110; samples for executive or federal jobs may cost you around $200. Preparing cover letters will be charged from $50 to $80, depending on the case. You may also order LinkedIn profile editing for $90. These services are available at your request, and the final price is determined based on the complexity of an order. ResumesGuaranteed may also provide rush services – the prices for those will be determined individually. Our assessors think that the service has moderate prices, but the quality suffers at the same time. It should be improved, our experts think.

Paper Quality

The online reputation this service has is not perfect. Our assessors have found plenty of good comments from the customers stating they were entirely satisfied. At the same time, the service got negative comments from customers who were entirely dissatisfied with the quality of rendered services. Our opinion is that the considered aspect should be improved by enhancing the standards of its operation. 

Customer Support

The operation of the local support team has to be improved as our experts think. The standards of performance are average. The agents may fail to address issues of customers on time and properly. That is not a very good tendency, we think. Our assessors saw services where the standards of support operation were much higher.

Offers and Extra Services

ResumesGuaranteed offers a comprehensive range of resume and cover letter-making services. It also provides sufficient support at the time of an application. This service is full of materials useful for career searches and also can offer you extra coaching. 

Trust Your Task to Best Resume Company

This ResumesGuaranteed review is based on the comprehensive and comparative assessment of ResumesGuaranteed writing service along with otter market available options. The report is based on the consideration of our assessors related to the quality of services, standards of performance, time of delivery, and other important parameters of the service operation. Our assessors hope their opinions will help in making the final choices about resume writing.

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Is ResumesGuaranteed Help Legit?

Our assessors consider this service as entirely legit. It operates according to the applicable laws and policies. This is a legally exciting resume writing company with details for reference available. We have no doubts in terms of the legal status of the considered company.

Is ResumesGuaranteed a Scam?

We have no grounds to consider this service a scam. Our assessors saw negative comments stating the likely scanning nature of this service. But, our opinion is that the service was more likely about the average or poor quality of services rather than about a scam itself.

Is ResumesGuaranteed Good?

Our assessors cannot recommend this service as truly good. It fails to sometimes provide quality resume-making services and support customers with resolving writing issues. Our opinion is that the service should enhance its operation in these terms for sure. 

Is ResumesGuaranteed Safe?

That is a problematic point, as our experts think. We believe that the standards of security for this service are quite low. We have not identified any sufficient information about security means that could guarantee the sufficient protection of customers’ personal data and details of orders. 

Is ResumesGuaranteed Trustworthy?

Our assessors cannot suggest to you this service as entirely trustworthy. The service should work better and enhance its standard for being recommended to potential customers. At the moment, we see the risk of failures related to the delivery of services and support this service provides. Such issues should be resolved.

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