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It’s time for you to go for job interviews and find the job of your dreams. Well, this goal requires your efforts. If you are attracted by, then don’t believe the official claims here and now. Find out more useful information about this company so you wouldn’t regret your choice. And Resume Rabbit reviews will help you with that. 

Notice that the following review contains fair facts. You can analyze its benefits and disadvantages together with us. 

Service Review

In general, Resume Rabbit is an online platform that posts your resume on different job websites to attract more attention from recruiters to your candidacy. These resume posting features are quite popular nowadays, but people overrate them nowadays. It means that this company takes your money just for publishing your resume made by you. 

As a result, there are no great results for most users. They believe that by paying Resumerabbit services, they can solve their issues with their jobs. But usually, this step is too formal to bring you desirable feedback. For this reason, you will see many controversial reviews on this company, so we need to make a fair summary for you. 

Our customers ask us numerous questions all the time. How to order professional resume services, is Resume Rabbit scam, how much money its assistance cost, is Resume Rabbit legit… Let us be honest with you and answer all these questions. 

Pros and Cons


  • Resume Rabbit’s auto-posting works and can save much time for applicants;
  • this company cooperates with popular websites like Monster, Nexxt, Dice, etc.;
  • you can use your personal account at the official website to communicate with potential employers;
  • the website is easy-to-use and intuitive;
  • the posting process is quite fast. 


  • the services are too pricey for the average results;
  • you are not provided with any professional help with your papers;
  • you can post your file on specific websites but don’t have access to general platforms;
  • posting services are available only in the USA (you must enter your address and zip code while placing an order);
  • there is no live chat. Also, customer support works only from Mondays till Fridays. 

Online reputation

Unfortunately, almost every Resume Rabbit review describes how unhappy and unsatisfied the customer is. People claim many issues with their posing assistance. But the main problem is zero results. Your expectations just don’t meet reality. 

That’s why the idea of using isn’t good. With a high Resume Rabbit cost, you will become another unhappy customer among thousands of negative reviews. 


There are many controversial things about Resume Rabbit, but this company has proper guarantees at least. Here are the main claims people want to believe:

  • you may be able to publish your file at 60 websites;
  • your document can be posted confidentially to keep your personal data safe;
  • you may not worry about spam. 

As you can see, these warranties are good. But unfortunately, can’t compensate for the lack of professional assistance with these statements. 

Types of Services

When you use your Resume Rabbit login, you can post your resume at 60 websites. This is the main feature of this company. Also, it is said you can order help with your resume (writing and correcting), but these services are not available now. 

Ordering Process

If you decide that the listed above advantages are more important to you than numerous disadvantages, you can try to work with the Resume Rabbit team. So visit the official website and place an order. The ordering process starts with clicking on the button ‘Upload your resume. Then you need to do the following steps:

  • select websites you want your information to be published (for instance, general, marketing, sales, finance, etc.);
  • share your personal information (name, telephone number, etc.);
  • answer additional questions (for instance, do you seek a job in an active or passive way). 

Prices and Fees

We can’t say that Resume Rabbit offers customers affordable prices for their services. You have to pay $59.95 one-time, and this is the only package available. For this price, you receive an opportunity to post your resume at 60 job-hunting websites. 

So 1 website costs 1 dollar – that seems okay, but a payment for almost $60 at once is too much. Maybe if Resume Rabbit will create or improve your documents for this price, it may be affordable. 

Paper Quality

According to the rating, you shouldn’t expect much from this cooperation. People complain that their experiences are not as good as they were promised. So your expectations will not suit the real quality of services. If you want to avoid disappointment and failure in job hunting, then you need another company. 

Customer Support

Almost every Resume Rabbit review highlights a negative experience with Resume Rabbit team support. The problem is time. Because they don’t have a live chat, you can’t receive a fast answer. So only emails and calls are available. 

Offers and Extra Services

Unfortunately, this company offers customers only one type of help – posting resumes on job-hunting websites. You can’t reach any additional assistance with your issue. Besides, there are no special offers or discounts for customers. 

Trust Your Tasks to Best Resume Company

Getting a job is a logical step for everyone. You become an adult when you start earning money and managing your life. But no matter how many people go through this stuff, it’s still very challenging to get a good position. That’s why don’t hesitate to use informative support on your way. 

We want you to use only top services with guarantees. So use our Resume Rabbit review for your purposes! 

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Is Resume Rabbit Legit?

The official website doesn’t contain any proof of the company’s legacy. It is sad and bothers customers. You can’t be sure beforehand. But customers who tried their services complain of everything except legit issues. 

Is Resume Rabbit a Scam?

No, this company doesn’t steal customers’ money or anything like that. But be aware that the final result of your cooperation may not suit your expectations and official claims. 

Is Resume Rabbit Good?

This company isn’t good enough for a $59.95 fee. You don’t get proper help and can’t receive any good advantages. So all individuals agree it isn’t good for people who are looking for a job. 

Is Resume Rabbit Safe?

This company admits that you can pay for resume posting online and feel safe about your privacy. You can believe them, but don’t trust people who just want to earn money via selling useless features for a high price. 

Is Resume Rabbit Trustworthy?

According to numerous Resume Rabbit reviews, there are no real reasons to trust this company. Its customers say that you can find a professional assistant with guarantees and better quality of services on the Web.

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