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This ResumesPlanet Review is based on the internal investigation conducted by our assessors, who have reviewed functions and options that the service offers as well as certain ResumesPlanet reviews from customers. This review contains the opinions of our assessors and recommendations to prevent potential customers who are considering this service from certain risks while cooperating with ResumesPlanet.

Service Review

ResumesPlanet is an online available resume-making platform. It is available for creating orders 24/7 and promises to help with an order of any complexity. Creating resumes is the main specialization of this service. But, their services are not limited to this option. ResumesPlanet can also provide you cover letter making and help with creating follow-up and thank-you letters. The service also promises to make your LinkedIn profile align with the prepared documents and likely be more enhanced for an additional payment. Still, our assessors have identified certain ResumesPlanet reviews that stated specific problems related to the quality and time of delivery of ordered documents. 

In this ResumesPlanet review, we will provide answers to many of the important questions. Is ResumesPlanet legit? Is ResumesPlanet a scam? Is that service good enough to make an order?

Pros and Cons

ResumesPlanet has both lots of deficiencies and strong points. If we speak about its strengths, our assessors have emphasized the variety of templates for resume writing and generally a very convenient interface to use. If we speak about the disadvantages of the service, it has comparatively average standards for the quality, not very well-formed support team, and also may fail sometimes to address all document-related issues on time. The opinion of our assessors is that the service has to work better to increase the number of its strengths. At the moment, assessors see that deficiencies are the most important parameters for this type of service.

Online Reputation

The reputation of ResumesPlanet document-making service is not very sufficient. This service has to look better at negative ResumesPlanet reviews from its customers. Those were related to the matters of quality mostly as the clients were dissatisfied with the weak documents they obtained in the outcome of writing. At the same time, the service has good reviews also. The opinion of our assessors is that the service has to improve its online reputation significantly. 


ResumesPlanet likely ensures to its customers the guarantees of quality, timely delivery, confidentiality, and free-of-charge revisions. If we speak about the quality of service, the service has failed to ensure that in full. It may also sometimes fail to deliver documents on time, including due to the necessity to amend resumes and other documents. Our assessors also think that if a service has failed to implement sufficient security measures, the guarantee of confidentiality is not properly provided too. 

Types of Services

You may order from ResumesPlanet any kind of resume and cover letter writing. It is also possible to upgrade your LinkedIn profile and request writing any additional professional-related documents. This writing will be promised to be likely customized to your needs.

Ordering Process

If you want to get your customized sample of documents, you need only find the ResumesPlanet order form and fill it entirely. Indicate all personal details you have, your deadline, preferences, and, of course, job-related information you want to be included in your future documents. Later, submit this completed order form and process the payment. After the completion of this payment, the writing will be started. A customer is usually notified about the readiness of documents for downloading. 

Prices and Fees

ResumesPlanet is a quite expensive resume-making service. Its pricing options vary depending on the level required (this can be an entry-level, professional one, federal, military, or executive). If an applicant wants to get a resume and cover letter, this may cost from $135 to $225. If it is necessary to amend and update a LinkedIn Profile, this may cost from $79 to $119. A full package that additionally includes a follow-up letter and thank-you letter may cost from $165 to $335. If a customer needs the entire package to be made within 24 hours only, this may cost from $365 to $439.

Paper Quality

This service has not very good quality of papers, our assessors think. It fails to address 100% needs of customers and has a few outdated templates for documents. Those templates are generally good. But, our assessors saw some better samples. The matter of structuring worried us most of all in these templates. Customers cannot customize those to their particular needs. The service also may even fail to address customers’ needs in certain cases. 

Customer Support

ResumesPlanet has not a very good support team that lacks skills for providing effective assistance on time and effectively. This service may fail to address certain issues customers ask to resolve sometimes. That is not very good for a service of such kind, our assessors think. 

Offers and Extra Services

You may get from ResumesPlanet any kind of resume writing services. Additionally, it is possible to request cover letter writing as well as the making of other job-related documents. If you need to update your LinkedIn profile, you may also request this for an extra charge.

Trust Your Task to Best Resume Company

ResumesPlanet Review is designed to warn potential customers about certain problematic points that may arise in terms of dealing with ResumesPlanet writing service. This review is based on the thorough assessment and opinions of our assessors. They have identified the major risks related to this service, like potentially poor quality of delivered documents, weak support service, and security issues. Our assessors suggest you look through other market-available options.

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Is ResumesPlanet Legit?

ResumesPlanet our assessors, consider a legit company, and have both identified any suspicious signs confirming the contrary. It is obvious to us that the company operates according to the applicable commercial and other laws. Its internal policies are also well-developed. They lack clarity in some aspects. But, in general, we have no doubts about the legitimacy of the considered company.

Is ResumesPlanet a Scam?

Our belief is that ResumesPlanet is not a scam. Our assessors have not identified any signs indicating that apart from the negative reviews of former customers. Such reviews were likely related to the scamming nature of the service at first glance. But, in fact, they were related more to matters of poor quality.

Is ResumesPlanet Good?

This service may be good for non-experienced professionals and those who want to get some new templates for their documents. For more complex cases, like managerial, professional, or governmental resumes, our assessors think this service is not good. It lacks quality standards and performance to ensure well-made final documents. 

Is ResumesPlanet Safe?

This service we cannot call entirely safe as it lacks sufficient security measures. Our assessors think it has failed to ensure effective data protection measures, which can be risky for the customers. Still, the service involves trustworthy payment operators for rendering services. So, our assessors are calm about this aspect.

Is ResumesPlanet Trustworthy?

Our assessors cannot consider this service trustworthy because it lacks sufficient standards for ensuring the quality of documents preparation and arranging effective support. The service also doesn’t apply effective security measures for ensuring the entire safety of interaction. So, at the moment, this service is not trustworthy for our experts.

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