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In this ResumePrime review, you may find a comprehensive assessment of the most important parameters this service has, like the range of services, prices, safety issues, quality standards, and other matters that may be relevant to your choice. This report is based on the considerations of our assessors and available ResumePrime reviews from customers. The review is based on opinions only and aimed at providing additional information about things potential customers may face. 

Service Review

Resume Prime is an online resume writing service that promises to help job seekers take new positions and promote their careers. The service can render your resume writing services and prepare for you cover letters that should accompany these resumes. It also may help you with updating your LinkedIn profiles and preparation of other job-related documents. You may request any more precise information in this regard. ResumePrime is promising to make all documents customized. But, our assessors have identified that it may fail to do this in certain cases as it provides too general resumes that cannot ensure candidates will be noticed. Our assessors presume this is because used templates are outdated, and certain important details about the customer’s professional history are missed. 

In this ResumePrime review, we will answer more precisely very important questions. Is ResumePrime legit? Is ResumePrime a scam? Is it good enough?

Pros and Cons

Our assessors have shortlisted deficiencies and strong points the service has. If we speak about the strong point, we can call average prices, a quick time for delivering ready documents, and an opportunity to ask for extra revisions. Still, among obvious deficiencies, as our assessors think, are the average (even to say precisely poor) quality of services, no guarantees that you will get to an interview at least, weak support operation. Also, the service fails to apply and inform about the security measures for arranging its operation well.

Online Reputation

ResumePrime has a pretty indefinite reputation taking into account the Resume Prime reviews we have identified. Some of them were related to the negative feedback from customers who complained about the quality of the documents delivered by this service. It also has good reviews. But, our assessors believe this matter should be enhanced more for decreasing the number of negative reviews and improve the online reputation this service has.


Resume Prime provided to its customers the guarantees of quality, confidentiality, and revisions. If we consider the guarantee of quality, the service doesn’t provide such information entirely as it may fail to address basic aspects of the customers’ request. In the outcome, the documents may require amendments. But this process may last too long (depends on the case). Our assessors consider these two guarantees to be improved and ensured properly. The last thing is related to the confidentiality guarantee. Our assessors think that the service cannot ensure this guarantee if it fails to apply sufficient security measures.

Types of Services

At ResumePrime, you may request getting likely customized resumes (for various levels and purposes) and cover letters. Getting other professional documents is also possible, as well as updating social media profiles according to provided information. 

Ordering Process

If you want to order your documents here, you need to create an order for this first. Insert all details related to this order, like a deadline, your name, pick the exact type of service you need, and provide details about the aspects of our professional history you want this service to expand in this document. Later, you will be redirected to a payment page where you will be able to insert all payment information. Only confirm the payment and later get your documents ready. This ordering process appears to be simply provided that everything goes well. 

Prices and Fees

The prices for these services are comparatively high. The minimum rates for document creation start from $150 to $230. More complicated writing cases may cost you $190-400. Generally, executive, professional, and military resumes are charged more. The most pleasant thing is that the service may provide discounts only occasionally. For instance, you may get a 20% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter. 

Paper Quality

Our assessors consider the quality of delivered documents to be approximately average, sometimes even below the average. The documents provided to the customers should address their needs entirely. But, in certain cases, authors of this service fail to do this. They should make their standard templates more customized and make customers’ profiles distinct and noticeable thanks to their achievements.

Customer Support

The local support operates in a bit of a weak manner. Agents may fail to address issues on time and do this properly. Our assessors think that this aspect should be improved to guarantee customers a good experience and prevent complaints in this regard.

Offers and Extra Services

You may order here resume and cover letter making services according to the provided details. Additionally, it is possible to order services related to social media profile updates. The service promises to provide likely customized services to its users. 

Trust Your Task to Best Resume Company

This ResumePrime review is designated to provide more information about the operation of this service, its prices, features, possible risks, quality aspects, and other matters. This report is designated to provide opinions of our assessors that may prevent you from facing risks while making resumes and expand the range of options for consideration. 

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Is ResumePrime Legit?

We cannot say this service is not legit as it operates according to the applicable laws, it has effective policies, and generally, our assessors see this as a legally existing company. So, in terms of legitimacy, we have no doubts at the moment of forming our opinions.

Is ResumePrime a Scam?

Our assessors cannot conclude this service is a scam. It got reviews from probably dissatisfied customers claiming that. But, at the same time, we have found good reviews. So, our opinion is that some unsatisfied customers attempted to express their negative experience this way. 

Is ResumePrime Good?

Our assessors cannot consider and recommend this service as entirely good to try. They have identified points related to the quality of documents and the support team’s performance that prevents them from concluding this service is entirely good. 

Is ResumePrime Safe?

Our opinion is that ResumePrime has failed to correctly address all security issues. It has underperformed in this aspect. It involves trustworthy banking operators but doesn’t implement effective security measures to prevent data leaks and ensure the general safety of personal data processing. 

Is ResumePrime Trustworthy?

Our reviewers cannot recommend this service as trustworthy. Suppose it sometimes fails to provide quality resumes according to the customers’ expectations and is related to certain support deficiencies. In that case, our opinion is that the services cannot be considered trustworthy already.

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