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This paper is based on the assessment of the publicly available information about the CareerPerfect writing service. It is focused on providing comprehensive information to the customers about the quality stepdads, support, and available CareerPerfect reviews from the customers. This CareerPerfect review is based on such assessments and considerations of our experts only.

Service Review

CareerPerfect is a service specializing in resume making and editing as well as providing various career-related advice to job seekers. The service suggests to its customers various useful resources required for an effective job hunting process and advice that may help customers. It usually takes some time to prepare the requested CV or resume. 

This service is not a resume builder. The service involves specialists for making resumes as requested. A job seeker may order here any type of ordinary, federal, or professional resume. That is declared. But we have reviewed more precisely how this service works and what kind of services it can deliver. So, is CareerPerfect legit? Is CareerPerfect a scam? Is it good enough to place an order? We will share with you our suggestions on this aspect. 

Pros and Cons

The obvious advantages the service has are its convenient interface that is generally easy and intuitive to use. You may navigate in a couple of clicks only. Also, the services suggest lots of useful resources on how to arrange your job hunting process well. But, among deficiencies, we have revealed some worrying quality-related aspects. The samples of documents provided to customers were not of sufficient quality, and they could be made better. Also, the service sometimes experiences problems with providing effective support to its customers. Another aspect is broken deadlines, especially if documents require alterations.

Online Reputation

In our CareerPerfect review, we can state the quiet indefinite reputation the service has. On the one hand, the service has many positive reviews. But, it also has certain negative reviews claiming about the poor quality of service and delivered documents from the other side. That is a problematic aspect that should be approached well to eliminate the number of negative comments or exclude those entirely.


CareerPerfect provides the guarantee of customer satisfaction, confidentiality, and also free revisions. The service promises to deliver quality documents and revise those if you don’t like any certain points there. It also promises to ensure the entire confidentiality and security of interaction.

Types of Services

You may order different types of resume writing from CareerPerfect. That may be resumes for beginners, experienced professionals, and federal services. Additionally, you may request career advice for your concrete case. The service also offers free materials that can help you while searching for your job.  

Ordering Process

If you want to order your personalized sample of resume writing, it is necessary to provide details only. Precisely, include an order from information about your experience, education, and skills. This information will be used to make the ready sample. You may also provide suggestions about the format you want your dedicated writers to use. 

Later, you will be charged for that service and should complete a payment. Afterward, the writing will start, and you will be able to provide feedback about its outcome in the end. If you need any revisions, such can be provided. Our assessors have identified that the time for completing each order is too long compared with similar services.

Prices and Fees

Our assessors, CareerPerfect consider it a quite expensive service. The prices here start from $140 and depend on the complexity of the writing case. An ordinary cover letter may cost you here from $80. But, federal documents may be even more expensive. An ordinary federal resume may cost you around $500. These prices are quite high compared with the similar ones of competitors. Moreover, the service fails to provide discounts for these services. So, that can cost you quite a lot. Our assessors have identified cheaper options available in the market. 

Paper Quality

The quality of provided documents suffers, we think. They lack required specification, and sometimes personal corrections are required to make the documents completed. That is not surprising as the service lacks professional resume writers and editors who could arrange those documents well. Our assessors think these aspects can be improved by simply carrying about improving the standards of work and templates available + involving more professional writers. 

Customer Support

The local support team is formed from agents who need to enhance their problem-solving skills, we think. The team may fail to address customers’ issues sometimes and react to those on time. The service should think about improving its control standards for the service operation and support.

Offers and Extra Services

CareerPerfect offers a full range of resume and CV-making services for various purposes. Additional revisions of documents are also provided. Among extra features it suggests are providing career advice to customers and also assisting with the job-hunting process.

Trust Your Task to Best Resume Company

This CareerPerfect Review is designated to provide a comprehensive assessment of the service operation, its pros, and cons. The report is based on our assessors’ opinions only and aims to provide more extensive information about how this service is arranged and works. The provided assessment has resulted in the conclusion about the weak support and average quality of job-related documents. These are the main reasons why we suggest you refer to other more reliable resume-making services. 

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Is CareerPerfect Help Legit?

This is a legit company, our assessors didn’t have any doubts about that. According to the applicable laws, it is legally existing, has developed, and follows applicable internal operation policies. So, in this aspect, we are sure this is an existing company at the moment of completing our assessment. 

Is CareerPerfect a Scam?

This company is not a scam. From our side, we have no worries in this aspect. We have checked all available information and have not identified any problematic points. But, there were reviews from the customers claiming about the so-called scam. From our point of view, those reviews were more likely about the poor quality of services. 

Is CareerPerfect Good?

Our assessors cannot call this service entirely good. It lacks sufficient quality standards and is poor in terms of customer service, as we think. Our assessors saw examples of resume writing services that provided services of better quality. This service is not the best one – that is our opinion. 

Is CareerPerfect Safe?

This service is not entirely safe as it has failed to apply sufficient security measures. Our assessors have not identified any information we can rely on while saying this service is safe. We expect to apply at least encryption as the service works with the personal data of customers. 

Is CareerPerfect Trustworthy?

Our assessors cannot consider this service as entirely trustworthy. It lacks sufficient quality standards and has a quite poor support team that may fail to resolve certain issues as they may appear. Our opinion that these two aspects should be improved at least so any experts could call this service trustworthy.

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