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Looking for a new job? Even if you’re a good professional with valuable knowledge and skills, you’ll surely run into some issues. First of all, you have to stand out among other job seekers. Your task is to show the recruiter that your resume is a perfect match. It isn’t that easy, especially in COVID-19 times. Lots of people have lost their jobs, and the whole world has turned upside down. 

So, if you understand that you need some help with your resume, it would be a good idea to check some Careersbooster reviews before you make the final choice. Our Careersbooster review contains all the necessary information about this company, its services and prices, online reputation, and other essential aspects. Read on to find your answers! 

Why do You Need to Hire a Resume Writing Service and What Should It Look Like?

Careersbooster is not a unique service that provides new and experienced workers with resume-building services. Actually, there are dozens of resume writing companies because the demand is very high these days. You need to come up with a CV and resume that describe your experience from the best side. Even a single mistake can be crucial. That’s why so many people outsource this task — they just want to have a guarantee of an interview invitation.

However, is Careers booster legit? Is Careers booster scam? What do you know about this company before you place an order? How can you know that it will provide you with the necessary result? A good resume writing company should meet several important criteria. For example, it should offer quality services at affordable prices. It should be anonymous and ensure your privacy. It should have some guarantees so that you know that you don’t waste your time and money. We are going to check whether meets your expectations. 

Pros and Cons 

All companies have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is impossible to say that some solutions are 100% bad. has its pros and cons as well.


  • Nice website;
  • Resume samples;
  • Discounts.


  • Just basic services;
  • Extremely high prices;
  • Vague guarantees;
  • Hidden location;
  • Poor online reputation;
  • Too long response from the customer support. 

Online reputation 

Writing this Careersbooster review, we have checked different independent websites with customers’ testimonials. You can do it as well — just google “Careers booster Reddit reviews,” look for this company on TrustPilot and other platforms.

It is easy to find out that there are really many negative Careers Booster reviews. People write things like “High school student could have done better,” “This is a scam service,” “If I could leave 0 stars I would”. Yes, this company has some positive reviews as well, but negative ones spoil the impression. We bet you don’t want to be the next person who writes something like “stay away.” 


Whatever services you need, always check what the guarantees are. This is your protection that will save your rights if something goes wrong.

These guys from Careersbooster have a separate Guarantees section on their website. This is a good move for them, but is it enough? When you read this chapter attentively, you can easily understand that it is about nothing. For example, they write, “we don’t provide customers with an immediate full refund.” How do you like that? If you receive a rubbish resume, you need to spend a lot of time proving this fact. Maybe you will get your money back, maybe not. 

Types of Services  

When it comes to types of services, you should understand how deep the company can delve into the process of finding a job. There are companies that provide you with basic resume editing only, companies with interview preparation services, and so on. Speaking about, their list is quite basic:

  • Resume writing and editing;
  • LinkedIn profile;
  • CV writing and editing;
  • Cover Letter writing. 

When you check the list of services, you can’t find additional information, e.g., about levels they work with. However, it is available when you proceed to the ordering stage. 

Ordering Process 

Careers Booster has a standard ordering process that consists of several steps:

  1. Click the Order Now button.
  2. Choose the service, your level, and deadline.
  3. Choose additional services.
  4. Provide your personal information.
  5. Proceed to payment.

The ordering form is simple, and it motivates you to make a purchase. However, we didn’t find any option to upload your files, e.g., the existing resume, your drafts, notes, etc. 

Prices and Fees 

We don’t know who is the target audience of Careersbooster because their prices are really high. People who are looking for a job tend to save money, not to splurge it. Just imagine, when you order a resume+cover letter, and your deadline is in 3 days, you have to pay $209! And they say this price is already discounted. As you can understand, other services cost even more, especially if you want your papers to be ready in 24-48 hours. CareersBooster prices are absolutely not affordable and reasonable. 

Paper Quality 

We can’t say that their resumes are very bad; we have seen worse papers. However, it doesn’t make them good. These documents are just average, and they have nothing to do with attracting attention and focusing on your best sides. We bet you can write such a paper on yourself if you just take time. And when you want to save it, just ask yourself — are you ready to pay a lot of money to save a couple of hours without any guarantees?

Customer Support 

The good news is that there is a live chat on But is it really live? We sent a message to start a conversation, but they didn’t respond. Besides, there was an automatic message “Not seen yet” from them. Maybe they lack customer support managers, and they don’t work 24\7 to be here for you. So, we just can’t provide you with detailed information about their customer support quality. 

Offers and Extra Services 

There are 3 additional options that you can offer for $59:

  1. Distribution to employment agencies.
  2. Thank You letter writing.
  3. Knowledge, skills, and abilities section writing. 

On the one hand, extra services show the company’s attitude and desire to help. However, it is definitely not about Careersbooster since they offer basic services at extremely high prices. $59 for a follow-up letter? Really? They just don’t know where to stop. 

Hire the Best Resume Company to Trust Your Tasks and Get A-Level Result

To wrap things up, our experts are not satisfied with Careersbooster. This company gets 3 out of 10 from us, which is definitely not the best choice. 

In this Careersbooster review, we wanted to show you that you can’t trust all companies on the market. There are scammers and just unprofessional services. Just avoid them and choose the company that is able to meet your expectations. Our professional resume writers are ready to analyze your requirements and to provide you with an amazing paper. Find a new job and skyrocket your career with a trustworthy service that is always on your side! 

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Is Careers booster legit? 

We can’t say that this company is not legit because we don’t have enough data to prove it. At the same time, they don’t provide pretty much information about themselves, and it looks suspicious. It would be a better idea to choose a company that is more transparent. 

Is Careers booster a scam?

Some customers believe this service is a scam. They claim Careersbooster provides blatant copies of resumes that they send to be revised. Besides, their guarantees are not that clear, and you never know whether you can get your money back. 

Is Careers Booster good? 

No, this company is definitely not good. Well, it has some positive moments, but they are not enough. We can’t even say that they should work harder to become better. They just need to change their approach and focus on customers instead of earning money. 

Is Careers Booster safe?

Even though there are some policies that are intended to guarantee your safety, we can’t say that they are reliable. Besides, there is an Affiliate Sign Up, which means they earn on ads and recommendations. Is it because they lack money from customers? Maybe they can sell your personal data to earn more?

Is Careers Booster trustworthy?

Considering all the above-mentioned issues, our answer is negative. Careersbooster is a company to avoid, and you shouldn’t place your order here. The good news is that there are good services that take care of you and your career goals. Make the right choice!

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