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Probably you have already found some resumewritinggroup reviews while looking for the service you need, but for some reason, you continued searching for further information. It is possible that beautiful words about this company made you doubtful, and your searches led you to our resumewritinggroup review. We care about the people who read us, and that is why we have collected information that will help you look at the companies activities as well as for possible services to use from the right angle.

Service Review For Future Customers

We would love to call resumewritinggroup a great company for their users. But after the time spent studying the services, the level of customer support as well as the usability of the website, we have to make a negative review. Let’s start with the most visible part of the problem. The company’s website is designed in such a way that no matter what page you go to, you will always be haunted by pop-ups with insistent requests for help, which is insanely annoying for all of us. 

But the most important question that worried us was: is resumewritinggroup scam or not? To our disappointment, we found a lot of cautionary testimonials from customers that talked about the fact of cheating on the part of If you ask us, is resumewritinggroup legit, we will give the following answer: a company that does not send its users their orders simply cannot conduct legal activities.

Pros and Cons We Noted in the Process

By studying resumewritinggroup com, we learned the details that will help you make your own decision whether to trust them. 

The advantages available to you: 

  • A wide range of services, from writing a resume to finding companies that could hire you. 
  • More than 15 years of existence on the market. 
  • Discounts for your orders in case you bring other customers with you. 

Negative sides of the company: 

  • High prices for services.
  • Lack of customer focus in the support service.
  • Many users have never received their paid orders. 

Only you yourself can determine how acceptable these negative aspects are for you. But we do not recommend our readers to risk their careers and become clients of the resumewritinggroup.

Short Conclusion About Online Reputation

In this section of our resumewritinggroup review, we want to warn you about a large number of totally negative reviews from existing clients who have already used the services of the company. 8 out of 10 reviews speak about the low quality of the order received, as well as sometimes about its absence at all. Also, a large percentage of clients warn you against cooperating with the company because they themselves have not received their paid resumes at all.

Will I Have Any Guarantees?

We read beautiful words and, it seems, fake reviews about the company in which we are guaranteed complete safety. They are promis to write a resume and perform other services on time just as well as guarantee that all the data left on the website will never go outside the company. But in practice, we have many cases when the deadline has failed, and the company came up with excuses and reasons why they could not complete everything on time. 

Types of Services Provided by Company

Basically, the company offers 4 types of resume writing, from Student and Entry Level to Federal and Government Resumes. In addition, there are 7 other packages in which you can find services such as Cover letters, Thank you letters, Creating a LinkedIn profile, and so on.

How Will You Order

First, choose the service that is right for you. Check out the result you will get by ordering the writing of this or that paper. After that, go to the special section for ordering on the website. You will be required to fill in a fairly large amount of information about yourself. The company asks to describe everything, including education, previous work experience, and personal skills previously acquired. You can also upload existing documents. After completing the process, you will be prompted to go to the next page and pay for the service of creating your paper.

The cost of using the company’s services

Resumewritinggroup is not a company that will provide you with writing a resume or other paper for cheap. If you want to get a Student Resume, prepare 99 dollars to become the owner of this. If you need a Senior Resume, the company will ask you for a double price, namely 199 dollars. 

In fact, there are well-known and large companies for the services of which people pay similar amounts and easily find jobs later with their resumes. But in this case, such a price would be justified only if you received excellent quality services and were confident in the company’s reputation.

Quality Level of the Received Papers

Some clients have published their resumes, which the resumewritinggroup has created for them. To our horror, we, having a deep knowledge of how this paper should be drafted, were shocked by the huge number of grammatical errors, the lack of the correct appearance in combination with the bad English in which the paper was written.

How Good is Customer Support.

When creating resumewritinggroup com reviews, we made a call to the company to check on our own how the customer service takes place. The consultant who answered us was not friendly and could not give us qualified solutions. We found the same reviews on the forums from other users.

Additional Services and Offers

We’ve heard about resumewritinggroup coupons, which in theory should exist. But, alas, no confirmation of this extra service was found on their website. Also, among the additional offers, you can choose packages of services for the selection of jobs or reformatting your resume.

Trust Your Nearest Future Only to the Best Resume Companies

Our readers have repeatedly returned to us with letters that we helped them avoid mistakes and choose the right company to order services. Our expert resumewritinggroup review does not recommend that you become a client of such a company. So that you are always sure of the result, we have created for you a list of the best services, using which your success will become much closer.

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There are always questions that deserve special attention. We have created a list of the most important ones, and we want to give answers to them again for a better perception of information.

Is ResumeWritingGroup legit?

A company can conduct legal activities only if unique works are created and sent to customers. Given the fact that many people never received their resumes, we cannot guarantee you the legality of

Is ResumeWritingGroup scam?

Dozens of reviews alert those looking to place an order at do not do this because there is a chance of being deceived. Given this fact, we can say that some of the company’s actions are definitely scamming.

Is ResumeWritingGroup worth it?

When you pay 99 dollars, you expect to get paper that meets your expectation. Alas, this happens very rarely, and you run the risk of getting a low-quality resume. We do not recommend becoming clients of this company and spending your money here.

Is ResumeWritingGroup trustworthy?

8 out of 10 real students and graduates were disappointed with all the services of the company. Negative reviews, as well as our own experience, do not give us a reason to trust our papers and the near future to

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