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  • You can start creating your resume at any time by yourself
  • The process of creating a resume or a cover letter is simple enough


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Our experts research dozens of companies to find the ones that are actually worth your attention. Starting the process this time, we found dozens of resumecompanion reviews that provide great recommendations for the company. But how does it really is? After checking the possible services to use, the level of customer service, as well as the privacy and security policy step by step, we have created a resumecompanion review and will begin to share the findings with you.

Review of the Services You Can Use 

Resumecompanion is, in fact, a tool for automatically creating resume and Cover Letters. On the company’s website, in addition to this, you can find information on how these documents should look like, what they should include and how to create one that will help you with future employment. What you will do is fill in the template with information about yourself and your acquired experience, after which you can select the necessary paper design settings.

When you complete the process, the company will ask you to pay for a subscription to access the paper you created and download it to your device. This payment includes subscription and access to premium services. We are asked: is resumecompanion legit? This activity is not prohibited by law, but it all depends on how the company will handle the information received from you. Also, here we will answer the question is resumecompanion scam or not. To find out in more detail, follow our article below.

Pros and Cons You Can Find For Yourself

After our research on, we found several positive and negative aspects. Pros, you can get here: 

  • The process of creating a resume or a cover letter is simple enough. 
  • The templates are not the worst and can be used quite well. 
  • You can start creating your resume at any time by yourself. To do this, you do not need to contact anyone from the company team.

But also pay attention to the following cons: 

  • A professional HR worker will immediately understand that your resume was created from a template. 
  • Lack of any discounts. 
  • Here you cannot seek professional advice. 

Decide for yourself whether it is worth risking your future reputation and creating a template resume.

Online Reputation From Existing Customers

Almost every resumecompanion review created by a user on dedicated forums has negative parts in it. Mostly people complain that there are errors when canceling a subscription, and it continues to automatically renew even after they canceled it themselves. Users are also worried about the actually low quality of the resulting resume because there are other websites where you can create them for free.

Guarantees of Secure and Results You Can Have

If you start to dig deeper and read the company’s privacy and confidentiality policy, you will find many interesting things. In order not to create voluminous texts, we will tell you briefly that resumecompanion disclaims all responsibility for the information on their website as well as for the consequences of its use by you. The company reserves the right to use your data in the way necessary for them and openly notifies future users of this. Be careful if you decide to use the services of this company.

What Are The Types of Services?

The company provides you with templates and services for creating just two types of papers. These are Resume and Cover Letter creations. But you also need to subscribe to enjoy the full benefit aspect.

Process of Making an Order

The process of creating your paper is not difficult, and in general, you are able to complete it in 15 minutes. What you have to do first is to choose the appropriate template and go to the page for filling in your personal information. Then check and confirm that information and move on to the next step. 

With a paid subscription, now you can select more desired parameters for the document. If you are satisfied with everything that you see, download the document to your computer or laptop.

Prices and Fees of

When you open the resumecompanion website for the first time, it may seem to you that you will use all the templates for free. But we hasten to upset you. After you complete all the steps to add personal information, the company will ask you to pay for a subscription to the service. 

To download the file, you will need to pay 1.95 dollars for up to 14 days of full access to resources or 7.95 dollars for a monthly subscription. We do not believe that the cost for resumecompanion services are justified because at least there are companies that will give you the opportunity to create such securities for free.

The Quality of Your Finished Paper

Don’t expect to get quality paper from this company. When creating a resume here, remember about the fact that their services are generally available. Every day hundreds of people come here to create their own resume, and, trust us, experienced employers know what template papers look like, which will never play a positive role in your future career.

Is There Any Customer Support Service?

Resume companion does not imply a personal approach for all clients. But there is a link by clicking on which you can contact the customer service and get answers to some questions. Please note that they only work 8 hours on weekdays.

Special Offers and Extra Services You Can Find

Unfortunately, you will not receive any other offers here. The company’s services are pretty basic and don’t offer much more. All you can do is create template paper and read more information on how it should look.

Only Best Resume Company Can Meet Your Expectations

We sincerely believe that the resumecompanion review created by us will help you in making a decision for your near future. We sincerely recommend that you remain individual and use these kinds of services as little as possible. In order to create the correct and valuable paper, contact the best companies that are trusted by hundreds of users. And know that our best services are always at your disposal.

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FAQ About

Even the simplest things sometimes need to be repeated. For your better understanding and closure of all remaining questions, let’s summarize our article below.

What Is ResumeCompanion?

Resumecompanion is an online service that you can use from your laptop or computer to create your resume or cover letter from one of the templates available on the website.

Is ResumeCompanion Legit?

The peculiarity of the company is that they provide services that are not prohibited by law. But the whole point is that the company is not responsible for the possible consequences that you may have using the information received. You can see this paragraph on their website in the privacy policy section.

Is ResumeCompanion a Scam?

We’ve seen reviews that talked about cheating users. This situation implies the impossibility of canceling the subscription, even if all the necessary actions have been taken. Be careful if you decide to pay for their services.

Is ResumeCompanion Free?

In order to use all the templates and ultimately be able to upload a resume or cover letter, you will have to pay 1.95 or 7.95 dollars, depending on the subscription period you choose.

Is ResumeCompanion Worth It?

If you do not expect to get a good result when you send your resume to an employer, or if you have an amazing work experience and are sure that you are a very valuable employee and the employer does not pay much attention to your resume – you can use templates to create paper. But if you value yourself as a respectable specialist, choose only individual and professional services.

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