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This ResumeNerd Review is based on an internal assessment of the service operation and Internet-available ResumeNerd reviews from the customers. This report provides an assessment from our experts in terms of such important parameters as the quality, time of delivery, usability, and customer support. This report is aimed at providing more information for customers for better choices. 

Service Review

ResumeNerd is a kind of service where you will need to work on your own to create the resume you need. The service contains a lot of templates of different formats. A customer needs only subscribe to its plan and choose the right template. Later, this template may be amended as the customer needs that. 

Pros and Cons

Among certain advantages the service has are:

  • Its convenient interface;
  • Easy-to-use options;
  • Lots of templates;
  • More freedom to customize documents;
  • Spellchecker available.

Among deficiencies, the service has our assessors who can list great inflexibility about amending the structure of templates, high prices for the service it offers, weak support service, and no career coach or similar professional who can help a customer.

Online Reputation

After the conducted ResumeNerd review, we can conclude that the service’s online reputation is quite controversial. We have identified both positive and negative reviews of this service. Negative ones were related to the quality of services mostly, the weak support operation, and possible delays with the delivery of documents. These are issues crucial for the operation of any resume writing service and have to be improved. 


ResumeNerd provides the guarantee of customer satisfaction and confidentiality. As the service sometimes fails to provide effective support and help, we can conclude that the satisfaction guarantee is not sufficiently provided to customers. The same thing is with the confidentiality guarantee as the service looks like one that lacks effective measures to ensure the security of operation and storage of customers’ details. 

Types of Services

Here you can request and customize a resume and cover letter creation. The service offers lots of templates and samples you can use to file them with the information about your job history. After this editing is ready, you may easily download the ready version. 

Ordering Process

If you want to use the service offered by this platform, you need only make a subscription for the service, pay for that, and you will get access to the available database of templates and documents builder to enjoy the service. It is possible to choose the suitable template you find workable for your concrete case and insert any information you think is necessary for your application. Amending colors are available. But, unfortunately, it is not possible to amend the structure of offered templates. Finding the right one workable for you may take time. After you have formed this template, you need only preview it and if everything works well for you – download it. 

Prices and Fees

ResumeNerd has several options. If you want to get more access to the offered services, it is necessary to pay $24.75 per month to the service by using any of your credit cards. If you want to try how this service works, the 14-days trial per $1.75 will likely be the most suitable option to try. If you don’t cancel the subscription, it is renewed automatically.

Paper Quality

The quality of rendered resume-making services suffers here. Documents lack clarity and structuring. They are not customized entirely to the requests of customers. In fact, users may not get very amended templates that cannot form a candidate’s appearance as a winning one. So, the quality of writing is a kind that fails to help a candidate to reach the goal of an application – being distinct. 

Customer Support

The customer support team doesn’t operate entirely well. Local agents fail to address all issues correctly and on time. This results in unnecessary delays and dissatisfaction. The service should work better on developing its own support standards and arrange better control over this process.

Offers and Extra Services

ResumeNerd offers resume and cover letter builder with a database of templates available. Unfortunately, the service fails to provide the assistance and support of career coaches and similar assistance of professionals.

Trust Your Task to Best Resume Company

Suppose you are considering a ResumeNerd writing website right to reach your goals of an application. In that case, we suggest you look through other alternatives that can ensure better results of an application. The standards of the service have to be improved a number of times. The same thing is with the quality of support operation. Our suggestion is to find a website with higher standards of operation and writing.

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Is ResumeNerd Legit?

Our assessors have not identified any points that could indicate the non-legit nature of this service. It has local policies that are sufficient for regulating the operation of this service well. So, we have no doubts about the legit nature of this service.

Is ResumeNerd a Scam?

This service is not a scam. Our assessors have not identified any signs of a scam that goes from this service. A point that worried us was related to reviews of customers. Customers were not satisfied with the received quality and claimed this service to be a scam. Our opinion is that the aspects of quality should be improved. 

Is ResumeNerd Good?

This service is far from good, and you may be sure. As the quality of rendered service suffers, in our opinion, this is not the best spot to make an order, especially if you in a hurry or have a complex order to do. 

Is ResumeNerd Safe?

This service is not 100% safe. It lacks sufficient measures concerning data protection and saving order-related info. We have not identified any points indicating the sufficient security measures applied there, like basic encryption.

Is ResumeNerd Trustworthy?

We cannot call this service as entirely trustworthy as a customer may face defects of quality and late responses. It may be risky to deal with the considered service because of the defect of security. Based on these parameters, our assessors cannot consider this service as entirely trustworthy.

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