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This ResumeEdge review is designated to provide additional information about the types of services the online platform delivers to its customers, prices for those, quality standards, support, safety, and other matters relevant to this service. This report is based on the assessment of the publicly available information about the service, including ResumeEdge reviews and opinions of our assessors. This review is provided for informing customers during their searches and considerations of potential resume service providers, including ResumeEdge.

Service Review

ResumeEdge is an online platform where customers may order resume and cover letter-making services for various job application purposes. This may be various resumes for beginners, professionals, and for executive roles. Also, ResumeEdge suggests a resume builder service that customers may order and get shortly. The average timeframe for delivering documents is 3-5 days. 

ResumeEdge promises to make these documents customized according to the customers’ preferences. But, in fact, the quality of documents suffers as the service fails to address all points to make candidates distinct during the job application process, as some ResumeEdge reviews state. Our assessors have identified other online available resume-making services that suggest better options. 

Pros and Cons

ResumeEdge has both advantages and disadvantages. The service has a quite convenient and easy-to-use platform for ordering and communication. It also involves trustworthy and secured banking operators. At the same time, it fails to address all customers’ needs entirely and make their documents entirely customized as this should be. The time for delivery documents is average, but sometimes customers don’t receive those at a pre-agreed time. Another weak point this service has is that the service has failed to arrange its support service properly.

Online Reputation

ResumeEdge reputation is indefinite as it has both positive and negative feedback from customers. Our assessors were more worried about negative ones as they were related to the quality of delivered services and support matters. Some comments were related to the time of delivery and high prices. While the two last things are approximate, quality and support are those issues that should be immaculate in any case, our assessors think.


The service provides guarantees of quality and confidentiality. If we speak about the first aspect, it is not provided sufficiently as documents need amendments in certain cases. The same thing is with the guarantee of confidentiality. Our assessors don’t believe local specialists share with somebody from outside any personal details of the customers. But, ResumeEdge has failed to apply sufficient measures for protecting the details of the customers. So, our assessors think this guarantee is not ensured properly. 

Types of Services

You can order from ResumeEdge various resumes and cover letter writing as well as updating your social media profiles. You can order here entry, professional or executive resumes, and cover letters. Also, the services of a resume builder are available here. 

Ordering Process

If you want to use this service, you need only make an order and insert all information related to it, including your professional history. Later, you will be redirected to a payment page where you can pay for the charged service. After the process has been completed, the writing of your documents starts. The process may take from 3 to 5 days. After it has been completed, you may download the ready documents. The ordering process is quite straightforward if everything goes well. 

Prices and Fees

ResumeEdge has comparatively high prices for those services it suggests to customers. An entry-level resume may cost you around $89 and will be delivered within 5 days to speak more precisely. Likely more professional samples of resumes and cover letters may cost you from $200 to $300. You may pay for that service as soon as you make an order and use any payment card you have. Only insert respective details in the field of a payment page and confirm that payment. PayPal is also accepted. 

Paper Quality

The quality of documents made should be enhanced, our assessors think. The first thing to start with is a template. ResumeEdge should update its templates and make them more flexible to customize those better to customers’ needs. Also, such resumes should be better structured and make candidates distinct. Local authors should think better on how to customize those samples for making candidates noticeable. At the moment, our assessors consider these templates as too typical. 

Customer Support

The support team does not arrange the required support properly, our assessors think. The service lacks professional support agents who can respond fast and to the point. No, delayed and failed responses are possible. That is not good for any writing request, especially for an urgent one. 

Offers and Extra Services

While dealing with ResumeEdge, you may request nearly any type of resume and other job-related documents, as well as request to amend your social media profile. You may request here the services of a resume builder or assistance of professional resume makers. Occasionally, you may also expect to get discounts.

Trust Your Task to the Resume Company

This complex ResumeEdge review is provided for better informing potential customers about all matters related to the operation of this service, its quality standards, prices, advantages and disadvantages, security matters, and other points customers should be aware of. This report is based on our assessors’ opinions and aims to provide information while making relevant considerations.

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Is ResumeEdge Legit?

ResumeEdge is a legit service that operates according to the applicable laws and developed internal policies. At the moment of doing our review, our assessors didn’t have any doubts about the legitimacy this service has. 

Is ResumeEdge a Scam?

ResumeEdge is not likely to be a scam. Even If it has feedback from customers claiming its likely scamming nature, our assessors think those are more relevant to the service’s poor quality. Still, this aspect is the primary one that should be improved. 

Is ResumeEdge Good?

Our assessors cannot recommend this service as good. It has low-quality standards and comparatively poor performance of the support operation. These are crucial aspects for ensuring a good customer experience and have to be improved by this service in the first turn.

Is ResumeEdge Safe?

Our assessors cannot call this service as entirely safe as it has failed to apply measures required to protect the personal data of its customers and possible Internet threats. In the first turn, we speak about encryption. Only after applying and informing about security measures sufficient to prevent possible threats will it be possible to consider it an entirely safe service.

Is ResumeEdge Trustworthy?

Our opinion is that the service cannot be considered totally trustworthy at the moment. We see certain deficiencies in terms of quality and customer support. At the same time, the service involves trustworthy payment operators, but it fails to apply sufficient basic security measures. Only after the elimination of existing deficiencies, the service may be considered trustworthy.

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