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Lots of customers who have started job searches may wonder what is Ziprecruiter? This online platform provides job-seeking assistance to interested users who want to find a new job, get relevant job alerts, and get useful information on various job-hunting matters. platform positioned itself as a comprehensive resource with different vacancies to choose from and resume-making services available. 

But, recent detected Ziprecruiter reviews signify the bad performance of this website for job-hunting purposes. Some customers were not satisfied with the manner how the website operated, the quality of services rendered there, and many other aspects we would cover in this Ziprecruiter overview precisely.

Service Review

This platform helps job applicants and companies who are looking for new employees. Interested companies may open vacancies here and get dozens of applications from candidates daily. The applicants may, in turn, review on an ongoing basis Ziprecruiter jobs and pick something suitable for them at the moment.

This online platform has built-in algorithms that help to select the most appropriate options for candidates and range such according to parameters defined by applicants. Job seekers may also use ready templates for creating their applications. But, such templates are basic and too general. According to certain reviews, such templates don’t always serve well.

Is Ziprecruiter legit? This is surely a legit company located in California. It has operated for many years and has plenty of comments from real customers.

Is Ziprecruiter a scam? No, this service could not be considered a scam. It checks precisely applicants and companies who intend to place CVs and vacancy postings, respectively. The risk of facing a scam is minimal here.

Pros and Cons

Using this platform may have both positive and negative sides. Let’s start by reviewing its positive features.


  • Has amazing algorithms for effective job searches

This platform manages to find the exact vacancy postings and applicants that can suit the expectations of job seekers and employers, respectively. It has implemented advanced algorithms that work.

  • Has its mobile version

This is a convenient platform that is available on mobile devices only. That is a suitable alternative to the desktop version that is easy to review.

  • Convenient for job seekers

This platform is easy to navigate. It also doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to manage priorities and fill all suggested forms.

  • Ensures effective job-hunting process for businesses of different sizes

The platform offers different options to job seekers and employers. It can arrange effective searches equally well for small, middle, and large-sized enterprises.


  • Weak support function

Here an applicant may not expect to get quality and prompt assistance from the local support teams. Lots of complaints were related to this aspect. The service underperforms in these terms.

  • Outdated templates that work perfectly for entry-level employees mostly

The service offers samples of CVs and resumes. But, such is outdated. They could be workable entirely for entry-level employees mostly. It is difficult to expect more from a totally free service that doesn’t involve professional resume-makers.

Online Reputation

Ziprecruiter has formed a rather good reputation as a job searching platform. It has operated for years and has obtained lots of comments from satisfied customers about how to use this service. But, recently, we have detected negative comments from users. They stated about bugs that appeared during the usage of this website. Another matter that worries customers is that templates offered by this platform are outdated and don’t serve well during the job hunting process.


Ziprecruiter job search is promised to be confidential and secured. The service has a privacy policy that prevents any cases of unauthorized disclosure of personal details customers provide to this platform. It also provides an opportunity for refunds in cases of dissatisfaction with its services. But, we have not identified any information about such cases.

Types of Services

Job seekers may find new opportunities here. Enterprises and companies of any size may find new employees. Everything appears to be nearly perfect. Practically, it is nearly so. But with a couple of deficiencies, like not transparent pricing policy, weak support function, and poorly-made templates of job-related documents.

Ordering Process

It is easy and straightforward – nothing complicated at this point. An applicant needs to find the respective form and indicate all contact details and information related to job searches. It doesn’t take a lot of time. For paid options, it is necessary to pass additionally to a payment page and insert in respective fields all required details and confirm the payment. Transactions are safe and secured.

Prices and Fees

Ziprecruiter cost depends on a chosen plan: standard/premium/enterprise. The prices range 99/149/199 dollars respectively. But, you will not find out these prices when reviewing the page. They are hidden. But, a free trial period is available for each option. The pricing policy is far from transparent.

Paper Quality

Zip recruiter offers templates of resumes and other job-related documents, the quality of which is below the average. Such documents may be workable for entry-level employees. In most cases, such templates are far from workable and easy to recognize by employers. No options for the personalization of such documents are provided.

Customer Support

The support the service has at the moment is weak. It is possible to get such using chat, telephone, or using materials placed on the website. We identified that support agents lack politeness while “helping” users.

Offers and Extra Services

Zip recruiter lacks special offers for its users. The service is limited to general options for the job hunting process and basic templates. It underperforms at this point, for sure. It also lacks extra offers for permanent users and at least occasional promo campaigns.

Trust Your Tasks to Best Resume Company

According to certain Ziprecruiter reviews, customers are not always satisfied with the quality of services provided. At some points, this company should perform better, like searching for better IT providers to prevent any bugs with its website. It is also desired to involve professional resume writers. Those documents available at the moment are too generalized templates of resumes that don’t work in many cases. If you want to get a good and workable sample of a resume, choose some of the TOP resume-making services.


Is ZipRecruiter Legitimate?

This company is surely legitimate, without any doubts. It has clear policies about the job-hunting process. This is also a legitimate company registered according to the applicable legal acts of California.

Is ZipRecruiter a Scam?

This service cannot be considered a scam. It is pretty fair about the cooperation with both the job applicants and employers. We have not identified any signs of a scamming nature this online platform could express.

Is ZipRecruiter Free?

This service is free for job applicants. You may basically use it according to your current job-seeking needs as long and as many as you need that. It offers free templates for CVs also. This service may be payable only to employers who seek candidates for their job openings.

Can I Trust ZipRecruiter?

This is a good platform to find a new job. But, it cannot serve you well if you want to get something more, like a personalized template for a resume, for instance. It can present only some basic things that cannot satisfy demanding employers. This service also experienced different bugs, according to some of the existing customer reviews. Better switch to other services to prevent wasting your time and effort.

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