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  • Wide range of resume services
  • Convinient ordering process



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If you have reached and want to get more details on whether this option is at least sufficient, our SelectResumes overview may help with that a lot. We will answer here the most important questions about the considered company: what is selectresumes, what service it offers, what prices it asks to pay, what kind of customer service it provides to users, and many others. 

Our assessment is based on the publicly available information about the company and plenty of existing SelectResumes reviews. This overview represents our opinion only about risks you can face while involving this service in making your new resume or other job-related documents. 

Service Review

SelectResumes is a company that operates online and globally. It has formed a comprehensive range of services. Basically, it promises to make a resume and cover letter for you. What makes the range of services comprehensive is that each option may be provided for different fields and specializations for different levels. The company may also help with amending the existing LinkedIn profile you have. 

SelectResumes website looks very attractive and is easy to operate. But, it is a bit overloaded with the information. It is difficult to find the exact necessary pieces of info at once. That takes a lot of time.

Is select resumes legit? This is a legit platform that exists according to the applicable laws of Australia. It also complies with international laws concerning services and payments. We have no doubts about its totally legal nature.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenient website

The company has made a convenient website that is easy to use. 

  • Lots of options to choose from

There are a variety of options to choose from. We like that the service has specializations.  


  • Quality of services

It suffers very often. The company may provide documents with errors and fail to address requirements that customers had.

  • Bad support

The support operates not very well. It fails to address the basic needs customers may have. 

  • Lack of special offers

That is the desired option for users. 

Online Reputation

In our SelectResumes review, we will emphasize this point especially. Our opinion is that the company doesn’t operate well to form a good reputation. It fails with addressing compulsory requirements that customers have. It also frequently provides poorly-made documents. This naturally results in negative feedback from customers. 


SelectResumes provides the guarantee of security and confidentiality. We have no doubts at this point. The company looks reliable at first glance. It doesn’t appear to be one that can sell personal details. And it likely secures such details properly also. At the same time, this service fails to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee as the quality of documents suffers a lot. 

Types of Services

The company suggests a wide range of services related to resume and cover letter making. It can also help with making a LinkedIn profile look likely a bit better. These documents may be prepared for a graduate-level, for professionals, executive roles, and for different specializations (nursing, technical, accounting, hospitality, etc.). We find this range of services truly comprehensive and well-balanced.

Ordering Process

There is nothing complicated at this point. Only click their order button, indicate all details a company should know about your request, like the role you are applying to, types of services required, personal details, etc. Later, you will be redirected to another page for completing payment for the service requested. Afterward, the company will contact you, and you will start to communicate with the assigned resume-maker. Everything is simple at first glance. But, practically, lots of problematic matters may appear. Those are related mostly to the quality of services and support provided.

Prices and Fees

SelectResumes is an expensive service. The line of prices is not explicit from its website. But, we have found out that a resume and cover letter may cost you from $300 to $500. That is more than a lot taking into account the quality of services offered. 

Paper Quality

The quality of services the company provides to its users is far from good ones. Documents are not structured and polished well. They contain different types of mistakes. According to reviews of certain users, these documents are surely not ones that can be shown to employers.

Customer Support

The support doesn’t operate well. Agents of this company are not very helpful. They fail to provide required answers in time and don’t respond correctly to requests that come to them. The support function of this service is not sufficient at the moment. 

Offers and Extra Services doesn’t provide any attractive offers to its customers. It has only plenty of resources available for free, including its blog. But, that is not enough for ensuring a good customer experience. Discounts are not available, except for an initial 5% discount, but desired taking into account the quality of services provided.

Trust Your Tasks to Best Resume Company

From our point of view and the results of the assessment, we cannot recommend you SelectResumes as a currently workable option for your existing resume-making requests, especially if they are complicated. The service provides documents of poor quality and doesn’t ensure enough support to its users. It is surely better to switch to other more reliable service providers.


Is Select Resumes Legit?

This service is legit. Our doubts are zero at this point. The resume-making company we are speaking about is legally established and has formed its policies applicable to relations with all clients. Our assessors have not identified any signs that could indicate the illegal nature of this service.

Is Select Resumes a Scam?

This company doesn’t appear to be a scam. It exists and offers services to a wide range of users. The matter is that such services are not entirely quality as they should be. That is the main reason for getting bad reviews from customers.

Is Select Resumes Good?

Our assessors cannot recommend you this service as a good one. That is obvious to us that the company underperforms in terms of quality for resumes it provides to customers. That is the main reason for getting lots of comments with negative feedback from users.

Is It Worth Paying Select Resumes?

That is not a worthy spot to request resume-making assistance. The service charges too much for that quality it offers to customers who need job application documents. Its support also underperforms. We don't have enough reasons to recommend you this service as a good one. Suggest you look through TOP-rated services. They may even offer services at lower rates.

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