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Visit site is a company from Canada but works worldwide. It offers different types of resume-making services, starting from students to executive roles. In this Resumetarget overview, we will cover the most important aspects of this service’s operation, its prices, quality of documents provided, support, extra features and offers, and many other aspects. Our assessment will be based on the Resumetarget reviews and other publicly available information only. We will expand precisely in this overview what is Resumetarget?

Service Review

There is nothing special about this service. It has a good working website that is simple and convenient to use. All fonts, colors, and overall style were selected well. We have not experienced any serious bugs during the website review. 

The services Resumetarget suggests are related to making different resumes and other job-related documents. It can also help you with enhancing your LinkedIn profile. The company provides free templates of resumes. But, such is not of good quality as you may guess. 

Unfortunately, some Resumetarget reviews state that the quality of services provided by this company suffers a lot, especially when the story comes to making complicated samples of documents. Other ResumeTarget reviews we detected stated about the poor support this service provides to its customers. So, the overall impression from this service is that it is not the primary point for placing a request for making a resume, especially if you are an experienced professional who has some good skills to offer to potential employers.  

Pros and Cons

There is a couple of points to emphasize here:


  • Easy to navigate website

The service made it well. We cannot say anything here.

  • Free templates available

You may pick something for inspiration. But, we don’t suggest you use that for application purposes.  


There is a couple of reasons to avoid this considered service

  • Low-quality documents provided to users

The quality of documents provided to users is insufficient in most cases. Such documents lack clarity and comprehensiveness in exploring all aspects of the candidate’s profile. 

  • Poor support 

The service is not always a good operating one in terms of providing truly effective support. This results in negative feedback from customers. 

  • High prices

The company charges too much for the services offered, taking into account the quality of services offered and the similar pricing offers of competitors.

Online Reputation

According to available ResumeTarget reviews, the service fails to perform its obligations properly. It doesn’t provide documents of sufficient quality and fails to support its users well. Customers leave negative feedback in this regard. So, we can presume that the service doesn’t care very much about its online reputation and doesn’t strive enough to ensure a good customer experience to users who reach it.


That is a point we want to cover, especially in our review for ResumeTarget. The service provides a guarantee of satisfaction. But, such is not implemented well, taking into account the quality of services provided. Another guarantee offered by this service is the guarantee of confidentiality. And we don’t have any doubts at this point. This service also can be freely considered as a secured one.

Types of Services

It is possible to order here different types of resumes, for different roles – from student to executives. The company also suggests you with making cover letters and updating your LinkedIn.

Ordering Process

There is nothing complicated while requesting assistance from this company. You need only pick the right package for your concrete writing case. They provide a description of all points that will be covered. Later you will be redirected to an order form where all details about an incoming order should be indicated. You should insert your personal details and information about an order you want to place, choose a deadline, and provide any other additional information that may be required for making this resume at stake.

Later only confirm the order and complete payment. Approximately in an hour, it is possible to get a call from their specialist who will negotiate any unclear points. At the end of the process, you will get a ready resume. The process is not related to any problematic matters, except for the quality of final documents and if you don’t need any extra support from their side. 

Prices and Fees

ResemeTarget has developed a quite expensive pricing system. It offers three basic packages of services: a standard one a user should pay around $200. The advanced resume-making package will cost around $350. The most expensive package will cost around $500. But, practically, it may turn out that a resume may cost far more depending on the role of an applicant – student, professional, executive, etc. For instance, a resume for an executive role may cost around $1050, according to some reviews. That is a lot!

Paper Quality

The service should think better about how to improve the quality of papers it provides to customers. They are poorly made sometimes and lack the clarity that is so important to job seekers. Such papers don’t always align with vacancy postings and fail to address the strong sides that candidates have. 

Customer Support

The service does not offer sufficient support for its users. It may occasionally fail with providing effective support with resolving all matters customers may face, like pricing matters, negotiation of order details, deliveries, etc. ResumeTarget should definitely improve one’s service in this aspect too. 

Offers and Extra Services

The company suggests the limited scope of additional offers. You can get a phone interview with a writer to discuss all details. It is also possible to get free templates of cover and thank you letters.

Trust Your Tasks to Best Resume Company

Our opinion is not to involve this company in making your resumes. It fails with providing quality services but charges a lot for those requests it gets from customers. According to some Resume target reviews, users complain they had simple requests but got very poor documents in the end. It is better to look through other services that offer far more guarantees and charge less. That is our verdict for now.


What Is ResumeTarget?

This Canadian company specializes in making resumes. It promises to provide quality services. Other services this company offers to users are making their cover letters, CVs and helping with making workable LinkedIn profiles. It operates fully online.

Is ResumeTarget Legit?

This company is a legit one. It has been incorporated according to the respective laws and policies and has created its internal rules. It appears to be a more or less reliable company. Our assessors didn't have doubts about its legitimacy.

Is ResumeTarget Good?

This resume-making company is not entirely good. It operates in line with one’s policies but frequently underperforms. That is the main reason for considering it as not a good option for solving your current writing issues. The support it provides is also too weak for ensuring proper customer satisfaction.

How Much Does ResumeTarget Cost?

The services this company offers to users cost a lot compared with similar options. The starting standard package of services costs around $199. Other packages – advanced and premium cost around $350 and $500, respectively. That is too much, taking into account the quality this company suggests to its users in the end.

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