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A professional resume for a potential employee – is a half of success towards your goal to take the vacant position. If you are thinking about hiring experts from, then don’t hurry up. There are several things you need to know about this team. Just know more by reading several Resume Coach reviews. 

The following how-to is brief but informative. If you wonder about the company’s benefits and advantages, then even one Resume Coach review will help you a lot.

Service Review

The Resume Coach is a company that performs assistance for customers online. It is also called a resume tool. The service’s motto says, ‘Create the best resume in minutes and get hired fast.’ This is the dream of every applicant! 

We want to believe their claims, but a fair review breaks our hopes. Let’s analyze the website to reveal its pros and cons. 

The Resume Coach website review accents on the achievements of this company. It is said there are more than 1,3 million successful job seekers. When you try to find proofs of this statement you are redirected to the webpage to create a new resume. The logic has left the chat. 

Also, people are wondering is Resume Coach legit, how much the cost of its services, is Resume Coach scam, etc. So let’s see its real advantages and disadvantages to give you fair answers to these questions. 

Pros and Cons


  • user-friendly and intuitive website;
  • useful blog with informative articles on different subtopics;
  • integrated search for users across the website;
  • a trial package to try services (but it also requires you to pay a minimum fee);


  • no enough information on how this tool works;
  • the typical quality of the resume templates and final documents you download;
  • bad online reputation and low ratings among customers;
  • high fees for average quality of services and a requirement to pay for testing too;
  • you can’t use this tool without registration and for free (at least a minimum fee is required). 

Online reputation

Experts pay so much attention to the reputation, but the Resume Coach review shows this company isn’t bothered with this question. There are many controversial articles on this platform, including lots of negative feedback. 

This fact highlights that you should better select another tool to create your resume. It’s great that isn’t the one. There are many reliable companies you can rely on. 


Well, Resumecoach doesn’t place any exact warranty on the official website. This company claims to help customers boost their chances of proposals for 67% but doesn’t guarantee you successful employability. 

So pay attention to our ResumeCoach review before you place an order. There are many hidden rocks you don’t expect from a professional resume tool. If you are okay with the absence of guarantees, then ignore our warnings. 

Types of Services

At the moment, this company is concerned about its resume tool. You can use online construction to create your example. But there are also several mentions of cover letters for applicants. 

Ordering Process

The official website says you can easily make an order. But our Resume Coach website review proves it is not as easy as it seems. You must select one of 2 available packages to create your resume. So you can’t use Resume Coach features without paying for service. If you are looking for free help, then skip the page immediately. 

Well, first of all, you must create an account. Individuals without registration cannot download their documents. 

Then you should select the plan (for $1.95 or $29.35) and pay. Only after taking these steps can you start building your resume. 

Prices and Fees

It is possible to use Resume Coach for free, but you can’t get much without additional help. So you can select the proper services package among these 2 options:

  • 14-days pack. This company proposes such an option for beginners to test the platform and decide whether it is worth attention. The price is $1.95;
  • monthly package. According to instructions, it is the most appropriate for a single-eyed customer. But you should be ready to pay $29.35.

Paper Quality

Frankly speaking, you can’t get much from this website. It doesn’t provide customers with the high-quality templates, informative support, and even quality they expect. So it’s better not to expect much from and select another assistant for better writing results. 

Customer Support

There are 3 options to contact this company. You can call, send a request, or type a message in live chat. But notice that online agents are available only from 8:00 to 18:00 CEST. This is quite an uncomfortable thing if you have an urgent issue. 

Offers and Extra Services

Unfortunately, there are no special Resume Coach features that may interest experienced customers. Most available options are quite standard and trivial if you have already worked with a professional resume helper. 

Trust Your Tasks to Best Resume Company

As you can see, the professional Resume Coach website review highlights many disadvantages of this company. So if you don’t want to be disappointed, you should avoid working with it. Our Resume Coach review had helped numerous customers already. 

The best choice for you is to hire a professional assistant from our trustworthy websites. Use the top services to get top quality! 

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Is Resume Coach Legit?

There is no sign of legal or illegal work of this company. The problem is in the hidden manner of its cooperation: you cannot find proper answers to your questions. 

Is Resume Coach a Scam?

No, people don’t complain that this company is a scam. But unfortunately, customers admit they didn’t get what they expected. That’s why there are many negative reviews on

Is Resume Coach Free?

No, you can’t use it for free. The minimum fee for using professional help or template builder is $1.95. This is a payment for a testing period (14 days). 

Is Resume Coach Safe?

The company claims to be a safe place in all meanings. Your personal and banking accounts must be protected. But let’s be honest: you need more features to like it. 

Is Resume Coach Trustworthy?

There are not many Resume Coach features you can try. That’s why people can’t trust this company in a comprehensive order. You may take partial help and have no opportunity to trust this platform to the full.

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