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For those users who have noticed this amazing option, we want to share with your our information about what is Paragonresumes? This company appears to be a cheap and affordable option for nearly any potential customer. But, as it turns out to be, in fact, such a company doesn’t provide at least sufficient quality for its services according to certain available ParagonResumes reviews.

During our investigations, we have reviewed precisely the entire information about, feedback about paragon resumes, prices, service options, and other things that may be very important for preventing possible mistakes. 

Service Review

Paragon resumes is a company that operates online. It has developed a quite simple website to access and navigate. It doesn’t have any complicated things to deal with, except for the matters of quality and support it provides to users later. We have detected negative comments related to these points among all publicly available information from various sources. Firstly, we will answer the most important questions that may worry many customers. 

Is Paragonresumes legit? This is a surely legit company that runs its writing business according to the existing laws. It also has respective policies to provide more or less good services. But, some users expressed doubts in this regard. Our opinion is that this was caused by the poor quality of documents this company provided. 

Is Paragonresumes a scam? This service is not a scam. But, from the point of view of some customers, such low-cost services were more like cheating. They obtained documents but not of the proper quality. So, we cannot state this service has signs of fraudulent behavior. 

Pros and Cons

There are a couple of points to pay attention to in these terms. 


  • Low costs for making resumes

The service doesn’t charge a lot. The prices are below the average

  • Easy-to-use website

It is not difficult at all to use its website. You can easily find those options you need along with other policies. 

  • Reliable payment operators

The company cares about involving good payment operators. It doesn’t take a lot of time to complete the payment. 

  • Fast performance

It is possible to get a resume within one day only. That is fast. 


  • Quality that suffers for obvious reasons

The service fails to provide at least sufficient quality as it uses outdated templates and doesn’t involve professional writers. 

  • Support that is not effective frequently

If you want to get an instant answer to your request, this is not the right place. Many customers complained about the poor quality of support assistance they got during the cooperation with this service.

Online Reputation

Paragon resumes reviews signify that the service doesn’t care a lot about the quality of services provided. This company is focused mostly on creating lots of resumes of poor quality without paying attention to concrete needs and requests that customers may have. This results in negative feedback from customers. That is a bad indicator for us.


The company fails to provide a sufficient level of guarantees to its users. It ensures the confidentiality of services rendered. It also ensures the security of payments. But, it totally fails to provide the guarantee of customer satisfaction it promises to users. We have noticed that certain Paragon resumes consumer reviews available online. That is a weak point of the service’s operation. 

Types of Services

The company may suggest to all users the service of making resumes and CVs but also of creating cover letters. The platform doesn’t provide any services of enhancing LinkedIn profiles as other services ensure. The range of services is poor as it doesn’t cover different roles for which resumes may be required. 

Ordering Process

The process of making orders is a bit complicated here. It requires lots of details to be provided and lots of steps to be completed. Basically, you need to choose the exact option you need now, provide all personal details, and also information about your professional history. Later, it is necessary to confirm the order and pass it to the payment page. After completing payment for this order, you will be notified, and their specialist will reach you.

Everything appears to be easy and ordinary. But, practically, it was not so according to multiple reviews from customers. That was complicated, and different bugs appeared during the process. 

Prices and Fees

In this ParagonResumes review, we will naturally pay special attention to the prices this company suggests to pay for its services. Precisely, it is possible to order a resume here only for around $80. It is also possible to order a cover letter for $60. It is also possible to order both a resume and a cover letter for around $100.

Paper Quality

The quality cannot be considered sufficient. It is poor, in fact. The templates are outdated and may sometimes serve well for inspiration only. Documents lack structuring and details about the applicant’s success story. They appear to be too generalized. So, the quality is low.

Customer Support

This is a place where nobody likely heard about good support. The company has failed to provide effective support via any stated means of communication. That is not a weak point of this service’s operation.

Offers and Extra Services

The company may suggest you free consultations only. That Is not a good point taking into account the quality of final documents it delivers to users. It also provides samples of documents, but such is far from at least good. 

Trust Your Tasks to Best Resume Company

Based on the outcomes of our Paragonresumes review, we want to warn you about certain drawbacks of working with this service. It provides poor-quality services and provides the same support. Those documents it sends to users, even for low costs, don’t deserve funds the company asks to pay, from our point of view. This conclusion aligns with lots of available comments from customers.  


Is Paragon Resumes Legit?

This is a legit company that was established according to applicable legislation. It also managed to form respective internal policies. The matter is that the company fails to address certain issues properly, like providing quality services and support to customers.

Is Paragon Resumes a Scam?

This service cannot be considered a scam. It doesn’t make any fraudulent actions. But, it underperforms. That is why some customers leave bad comments about this service.

Is Paragon Resumes Safe?

This is a safe company. It doesn’t appear to be suspicious a lot in these terms. The website looks well and is protected. We have not identified information about any serious security measures. But, the platform provided the guarantee of safety and security concerning personal details that users forward.

Is Paragon Resumes Worth It?

That is not the exact worthy place we could recommend to you. This company doesn’t perform as it should. It produces resumes of average and sometimes even poor quality. It also fails to provide sufficient support to users who ask for help. We have no reasons for recommending this service as a good one. There are many other services that provide documents of far better quality, even for lower rates.

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