Why Should We Hire You – 10+ Beneficial Answers

At first glance, this question sounds clear and simple. However, answering it correctly is a challenge for an employee. It seems that the entire interview is preparation for this question. This article will show you 10 different ways to impress your interviewers with an excellent answer to them. We will find out why this question is so popular, what mistakes you should avoid, and, finally, show you the 10 best possible answers. 

“Why Should We Hire You?” – 10 Best Answers for 2021 

When interviewers ask this question, they want to know what personality traits or skills make you stand out among other candidates. The answer also reveals your level of self-esteem and how you will position yourself during your future work in this company. It is used to avoid candidates who can’t imagine themselves working in a company or don’t think they are good enough for this job. Giving a unique and correct answer will help create an excellent impression on potential employers. 

Before Showing You How to Respond: “Why Should We Hire You?” Let’s Define Some Potential Pitfalls and Things to Avoid When Describing Why You Should Be Chosen for a Position

  • Learning your answer beforehand is the way to fail. If you do this, you will sound like a person who simply learned the script.
  • Being conceited or over-confident. It is important to believe in yourself, but overdoing it will lead to sounding boastful or arrogant. Be modest and respectful while giving an answer.
  • An extensive answer. Remember that it’s less great than short; make your answer precise and up to a point.
  • Talking about compensation and benefits will show a lack of professionalism. They are considered a secondary thing to discuss, so avoid this topic unless the interviewer asks you. 
  • Showing your desperation. Position yourself as a valuable specialist who is ready to make a beneficial input in a company’s development. 

As you see, the satisfying answer requires several steps to prepare. Study the position requirements and the company history, and then you will find out how to connect your abilities to their needs. In a nutshell, employers want to see your abilities to sell yourself as an expert, and your task is to convince them. Here are the main points to include in the most effective answer to this question. 

  • Emphasize that you will make a great contribution to the teamwork.
  • Show that your abilities or background are relevant to this position.
  • Describe how you can help achieve greater results as an employee.
  • Show your motivation to constantly improve your skills and broaden your expertise.
  • Be honest. 

If you can’t come up with an answer right away, check out the samples below to get more insight. 

Why Should We Hire You Response- Sample #1 

According to what you’ve said and what I saw in the description, you are looking for a good communication and administrative skills. I believe my background is suitable for this job. I can effectively communicate with numerous team members, including remote employees, give excellent presentations, and communicate via different messengers and emails effectively. I also have fluent knowledge of numerous software programs that your company actively employs. 

This answer shows that the skills perfectly fit the employer requirements, highlights the necessary qualifications, and shows that the candidate is competent in the future position. 

Why Should We Hire You – Sample #2 

My teamwork skills, experience in project management, and familiarity with the key technologies in software development make me qualified enough for your project manager position. I realize that you need a person with extensive expertise for more than 5 years. I don’t possess so much expertise, but I successfully managed 4 software development projects in my previous job, and one of them was a big-scale one. I was responsible for managing a team with over 50 members, and I successfully coped with this challenging task. The project was ready within 9 months, and the development process was seamless due to regular and well-organized team interactions. 

This answer is effective as it gives definite numbers to stress the effectiveness and high-performance level. The more accurate numbers you give, especially for tech-related industries, the greater chances you receive. It shows a direct influence of your performance on the company’s achievements. 

Why Should We Hire You – Sample #3 

I find that my experience in interior design, especially the design of offices, makes me an excellent candidate for this job. For the last two years, I have created 16 unique projects of office design for different companies. My responsibilities included all the stages of design creation, communication with customers, and special stores. In my work, I always try to keep up with the latest tendencies and combine them with the client preferences in the most suitable way. I really enjoy what I am doing, and this brought me up the ladder. I also have excellent communication skills and an intermediate level of German and French, which makes me an ideal candidate to cooperate with your foreign clients. By stressing your experience with a certain required skill and describing your responsibilities, the recruiter states that you are ready for this position. By highlighting the additional skills, you enhance your qualifications in the recruiter’s mind and makes you stand out. 

Why Should We Hire You – Sample #4 

While I am not familiar with what the other applicants for this position offer you, I can speak about the abilities that make me suitable for the offered job. After working in the same position for 3 years, I successfully managed the content and took part in creating marketing campaigns for different businesses. I was also responsible for targeting and analyzing customer behavior. One campaign I mentioned had a huge increase of 25% of returned customers. Now I am ready to get involved in the operation of bigger companies like yours. 

This answer concentrates on confidence and independence from the competition. Moreover, accurate numbers add strength to the key qualifications, previous accomplishments, and relevant experience. This response shows that the person is motivated for self-improvement and self-growth. 

Why Should We Hire You – Sample #5 

This is a meaningful question, thank you. I have been looking for a company that is goal-oriented, supportive, work with interesting projects, and is looking for people who will contribute to its future growth. Your main aim is customer satisfaction and experience, and I truly believe that this is the critical factor in sales. I believe that my skills and experience will help me become a part of your expert team. I think that working with you will be a great chance to reveal my potential. 

This answer works well because you demonstrate that you know the company’s background and core values. It also shows that you share their aims and are ready to make a valuable input. The fact that you are looking in the same direction will be valued and appreciated. 

Why Should We Hire You – Sample #6 

I am a good applicant for this position on the basis of my skills in maintaining solid relationships with other people. I am passionate about delivering high-quality services and additional values to clients. I realize that you need a dedicated person, and I can dive into the interaction process for a long time. This position requires long work before getting the first results, and I am ready to do my best to reach long-time goals. My previous experience shows a high success rate, and some customers are still maintaining connections with me. This is a very detailed example focused on personal qualities. It will be suitable for those who lack experience in a certain sphere. It concentrates on strength and understanding the requirements. 

Why Should We Hire You – Sample #7 

I have recently graduated from university, and all my scientific researches were concentrated on the sphere related to this job. I am interested in this industry and keep on learning the latest tendencies. I have relevant experience and excellent communication skills gained during my two internships and volunteering in a foreign country. I think that they have influenced me a lot and made me realize that I want to work in a position like this. I have always admired the way your company is growing, but keeping the same high quality, and I see myself as your team member in the future. 

This response demonstrates enthusiasm and willingness to work in a particular company. It is concentrated on additional experience and a solid knowledge basis. This is a good option for inexperienced job seekers.

Why Should We Hire You – Sample #8 

I have recently moved to this city, and I noticed your service right away. As a marketing specialist, I realize how much effort you make to remain competitive and attract more customers. I was also touched by the warm and helpful attitude of your employees. I believe that I can contribute a lot to your team’s success and create a unique strategy for your business expansion to a bigger market. 

This response highlights the company’s uniqueness and your understanding of its specifics. It also shows your willingness to make a significant impact on future company development. 

Why Should We Hire You – Sample #9 

When it comes to my competence and relevance to this position, my resume says it all. So I’d like to inform you about my unique traits and qualities. My focus on goals and hard work helped me achieve significant success and valuable experience. My teamwork and communication skills contributed greatly to maintaining strong interactions with colleagues and clients. My analytical thinking and dedicated approach helped me make optimal decisions that became decisive for my previous companies. 

This response demonstrates confidence and relevance to a position. It shows that the person went through a long career path and made significant accomplishments. This is a good variant if you are 100% sure you are a relevant candidate for a position. 

Why Should We Hire You – Example #10 

As a young specialist, I know that my biggest weakness is my lack of experience. However, the skills I gained aren’t measurable by numbers. After taking part in different projects simultaneously, I learned how to prioritize tasks and manage multiple processes. I gained excellent communication and negotiation skills and can easily deal with different people. I learned how to combine different responsibilities and manage my time effectively. This response shows honesty and understanding of strengths and weaknesses. It concentrates on valuable soft skills suitable and necessary for most positions. This is an optimal way to respond to junior or entry-level candidates. 

The Interviewing Process Can Be Loaded with Speed Bumps and Pitfalls

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