10+ Best Answers for Why Do You Want to Work Here?

This is one of the trickiest topics during any employment meeting. Yet most job interviews include it, and answering it effectively defines your success; most applicants get confused with it, and their hesitations negatively influence the outcome of their audition. Although the responses may seem obvious, you need to prepare beforehand. Here are typical mistakes most applicants make:

  • Being too fair. Telling the truth is not always the most beneficial response.
  • Being too general. A well-known answer will show your lack of engagement and indifference.
  • Inappropriate humor. Jokes during auditions are always a risk and better avoid pitfalls.

We suggest following these simple steps to get more valuable knowledge about a particular company.

  • Analyze the website. Very frequently, this issue aims to discover your preparation and familiarity with the company.
  • Review the profiles on social media. It will provide you deeper details regarding positioning, brand uniqueness, and advertising strategies.
  • Analyze the position description. Pay attention to the specifications and the details they added about their company.
  • Find out what you like about a certain position. Then compose a list of your professional goals. These two lists are connected, and you should define the links between certain responsibilities and their participation in your growth.
  • Define your key advantages and whether they coincide with the company values.
  • Talking about compensation and bonuses is taboo while discussing such questions. Avoid all these things and expose your pure curiosity and passion to other important values, not money.

If you need to get sample responses and helpful tips, keep on reading, and you will understand how to position yourself as the right candidate for your ideal job.

Answers for Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Before reading the sample reactions, take into account these universal pieces of advice to make your answer memorable and impressive:

  • Demonstrate what you can offer. You need to confirm you have analyzed the industry and company. Point that you understand their business goals and values. Moreover, mention what contribution you can make to enhance the operation and turn the corporation into a more successful, profitable one.
  • Narrow down to your uniqueness. Instead of describing how long you have been dreaming about this, add more precision. Concentrate on one key skill you find the most relevant and valuable. Explain interest in implementing your capabilities for enhancing a certain organization.
  • Stay up-to-date. Don’t forget to read the latest news and company updates. It will make you informed and enable adapting your reaction to the current circumstances.

Let’s have a closer look at a few answers and find out why they are effective. Keep in mind that there is no universally effective response and that you should always weigh the specifics of a chosen organization.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #1

I noticed your company several months ago on the news. I was impressed with the way you expanded your business and gained success in completely new markets. As a professional from this sphere, I realize how serious effort you made to receive such high results. I was so excited when I saw that you’re hunting for a member of the marketing department. I really hope I can influence your company’s future development and utilize my technical abilities to enhance many processes related to information analytics.

This is an excellent answer as it combines several beneficial elements. Firstly, the applicant shows awareness of the core values and current circumstances. Then, the potential employee mentions a few necessary skills and their positive influence on the performance and achievements.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #2

I really believe that proper work organization and employee management are the keys to progress. And when I saw a position in your firm, the first thing that came to my mind was your unique approach to team management. I think I am a perfect fit for this position. I can bring strong technological expertise in software development and become a helpful organization member that shares your values and is dedicated to your business objectives.

This response shows the connection between values and the soft and hard skills of an applicant. It positions an applicant as a strong team member.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #3

I have been a user of your services for several years, and I am enthusiastic about the way you constantly improve the quality while keeping fair prices. All the employees I dealt with were extremely customer-oriented. When I saw that you are looking for a senior manager, I began reading more about your history and individual culture. I would be gratified to become a customer relations manager and to advance my career in a firm that appreciates customer satisfaction and involvement.

The central element is a positive personal experience with the business from a customer position. It is a helpful strategy, but you should use it only in case you have real expertise and a clear understanding of the core values. If you are going to utilize this approach, consider details to demonstrate that you researched the firm thoroughly.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #5

I am excited about your attitude to workers and encouraging their professional growth. One of my acquaintances works here, and I have heard a lot about constant education and improving skills. In my opinion, the company that makes such investments receives such valuable rewards as improved performance and meeting the client and market requirements. 

I would be happy to apply my skills and expertise to grow and expand your company.

This response concentrates on the important aspect – attitude to employees. Include it only if you are 100% certain that the organization values its employees and contributes to their career development.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #6

I have been looking for a perfect firm to switch to the IT-sphere. Joining your company is what I aim at as I share your values and understand your goals. I truly think that each person brings to the company much more than simply technical skills. I am really excited about this approach and willing to discover more about it while being a project manager in your company.

This joins your career aims with the specifics of a certain company. It also shows willingness and enthusiasm about the future position.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #7

Your company is well known for its unique and well-organized business model, and the statistics of your achievements only confirm it. I also follow you on social media, and I see how dedicated your users are to your products. I am excited to become a member of your team and participate effectively in your product creation.

Demonstrating a thorough firm overview and analysis highlights how important it is to you. It also shows that the applicant is enthusiastic about helping create the product.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #8

I know that your company is now aiming to enter the new markets in foreign countries and you need employees with excellent communication skills and background in international economics. I am sure that my expertise will assist you in achieving high results and winning a substantial market share.

This answer demonstrates your interest along with relevant experience. It shows that the candidate’s skills are suitable for the job and the company’s objectives.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #9

I have more than 5-year experience in this industry in different positions. I have investigated this sphere from different viewpoints and positions. I love interacting with other people, especially big teams like yours. My ultimate goal is to create a comfortable environment for interacting with customers and delivering additional values. I agree with your attitude towards the customers and truly believe that satisfaction is the key criteria to focus on, not the income.

This answer emphasizes the candidate’s strengths and adjusts them to the goals of a certain company. It is an efficient response if you apply for a lead position with multiple responsibilities.

Why Do You Want to Work Here – Answer #10

I have always been excited about the means you adjust innovative technologies to banking, and the application you’ve recently launched revolutionized the whole market status and became extremely profitable. Your corporation is future-oriented and directed on delivering the most trustworthy performance for users. I believe that my extensive experience with business analysis will help you identify the needs of target users and develop the most efficient marketing campaigns. I can make valuable input to outdo competitors and become one of the market leaders.

This response deals with the way an applicant can address a certain industry problem. Moreover, It shows that the applicant is aware of the latest news and market tendencies.


There are no absolutely good and bad replies to this challenging topic. The only thing you keep in mind is that you need to give a unique and straightforward response to this question based on your opinion and previous practice. Highlight that you don’t simply want any job – you desire a certain one in a certain company.

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