How to Create a Professional Resume

It is hard to overestimate the significance of a properly created resume for a successful hiring process. This is the key to surpass most job seekers and get a chance for a job interview. We prepared an exhaustive guide on writing a resume to help you create an outstanding resume that presents your skills and experience in the best possible light.

Tips for Creating a Professional Resume

Here are our effective pieces of advice:

Select the Best Resume Type

There are three different resume types, each of them has its specifics. Pay attention to them and pick the optimal format to highlight your experience and competencies. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

The chronological type is the most widespread among the recruiters. It concentrates on your career path and is concentrated on your job experience. However, it is not suitable if you want to draw attention to your abilities and background. It is an optimal choice if you have highly relevant work experience.

On the other hand, the functional type aims to emphasize your skills and abilities. It is not so popular among recruiters, but still, it is an optimal pick if you have little relevant experience or no experience at all.

And probably the most universal type is the combination of the two types we mentioned above. It is called the hybrid one. It combines their features and emphasizes both skills and experience equally.

Choose a Simple Font

Remember that the font influences the perception of your resume greatly. Ensure your font doesn’t distract from the content of your resume. Pay special attention to the font of your headline.

Keep Your Formatting Consistent

After choosing a format, you need to develop a certain structure. Outline the main skill or experiences you want to highlight and build your resume around them. Make sure the structure is easy to follow, and you pay equal attention to each part of your resume. Bullet points, lists, and bold fonts improve readability. However, ensure you don’t overdo them, and they don’t distract the readers from the text.

Keep it Focused

The most important rule is to be precise and up-to-the-point. The common rule says a resume that is more than 1-page long is useless. Your resume should be targeted at a certain job. To be honest, sending identical pieces for many positions is not the best decision to succeed. Place your skills and experience according to their relevance to a certain position. You don’t need to write in detail about every job or include all the skills you have. Every single detail you include should tell the recruiter that you possess the necessary qualifications and background.

Give It a Makeover

An appealing presentation is crucial to interest the recruiters. Except for the font, pay attention to other important visual details, such as background, design, spaces for different parts, structure, etc. Make sure your resume includes all you need, but it does not look overwhelmed with design elements and text. The structure should look clear and straightforward, and the key elements should stand out. Pick the minimalistic manner and pastel colors to look stylish but not overloaded.

Use Resume Examples and Templates

The Internet is full of them. Nevertheless, keep in mind that simply copying may not work out for you. Use them as a source of inspiration but adjust it to your abilities and specifics.

Get Creative (Maybe)

A resume headline gives a brief description of you as a candidate. A well-thought headline helps draw the attention and interest them to look at your resume more closely. Your headline should be both precise and strong and add interest to your resume, so make the most out of it to make an excellent first impression. Be creative and unique if it is appropriate for a certain position you apply for.

Carefully Edit Your Resume

It is better to be safe than sorry, so take proofreading your resume seriously. You can simplify this process by using special tools for syntax and orthography check. Ask someone to have a look and give feedback. Even though this person may not be an expert in the recruiting sphere, a pair of fresh eyes can find weak spots to be improved.

Get Resume Help

If crafting a resume seems too difficult, or you lack time to pay decent attention to it, you can order your ideal one at Brandname. Our skilled writers will consider all your demands and goals and present a perfect tailor-made piece for a reasonable price and within the shortest deadlines. Relax and let us tailor an excellent resume for your perfect job.

Check Your Resume Before You Send It

Give your resume one more look to ensure everything is excellent. This way, you will be 100% confident it leads to a successful invitation to an interview. Make sure to follow all these helpful steps in creating a perfect resume.